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Anyone had 5th cranial nerve zapped to alleviate trig pain?
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Anyone had 5th cranial nerve zapped to alleviate trig pain?

Hi, I have recently seen a neurologist in regards to my non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain..
I have seen a pain specialist for 13 years and we have put out the painful nerve fires as they occur..mostly with those meds used for pain..and lower dose opiates.

I have trigeminal neuralgia on one or both sides acutely lately..
My left ear, eye ,and upper left molars all stabbing withn the trigeminal pain from temple to chin..
my neurologist zeroed in on a procedure that zaps the 5th cranial nerve to alleviate the pain of trigeminal neuralgia.
Please, can anybody give me any information on this procedure?
I had an MRI of brain 8 days ago and was too I'll with other pain issues and so missed my appt.s to see her.
5 days ago...but have to get rest as I see her 11am and mornings are my worst time for appts
I hope to hear something about this procedure by those who have had it done, or whatever.
thank you in advance
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I also suffer from facial pain. In my case my doctor is calling it trigeminal neuropathy. I recently had a procedure done called a double Radio Frequency Ablation of the sphenopallatine nerve ganglion. The surgeon specifically targeted a cranial nerve brach at the rear of this bundle.

The procedure involved injections through my cheeks deep into the nerve. Once the right spot was found the surgeon zapped it with radio pulses.

In my case it removed about 1/2 of my head pain which runs from temple to temple at the eyebrows. The area from mid eye brow to mid eye brow is now numbed.

I am set to have another ablation in a few weeks to a different nerve, that they think will take care of the rest of it.

Is this what you mean by getting zapped? I don't know if mine was the fifth nerve, but I would imagine that these ablations vary according to the spot and involved nerve.

Hope this helps
Oh, my goodness...Yes..
I am so sorry I did not respond to your oh so generous answer to my SOS!sooner but have had severe pain with levator uni rectal crap!and Pedundal nerve pain flaring up.....I have an anxious feeling about everything.
I have a consult with a Pedundal,pelvic floor specialist requested by my primary care dr. But the specialty clinic hasn't called me back yet..

yes, the ablation of a nerve near C5 is my understanding..I got a reference to u-tube via a google site...and saw a person in so much facial was so hard to watch....The procedure followed with head immobilized and lasers being guided etc.,
that made me feel I was not ready for the pain is 10 plus when it is there especially combined with eye pain..lasts in agony for a few days..
But if zap will cause no future severe flare ups! That's why I wanted to post and am so glad you answered!
My neurologist said absolutely nothing of a zap for trigeminal nerve helping my eye pain...she gave me papers to read about the procedures...reads like what you had done.
Have so many fires to put out in my peripheral nerve problem..
One nerve flares extreme then abates for awhile another
Oh we'll.
I pray all goes well...thank you for being so helpful.
Please keep me posted as I want to give you virtual support!
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