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Arachnoid Cyst Symptoms? Any alternative (natural) treatment to Diamox ...
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Arachnoid Cyst Symptoms? Any alternative (natural) treatment to Diamox Sequels?

I've been to so many doctors. My symptoms are as follow: Feeling chronically lightheaded or spacey, sensitivity to indoor lights, difficulty taking naps (feel like I've been hit by train when I wake up), dizzy when I move, no severe head pains but I feel dull annoying aches (occasionally they get bad, but I usually can treat it with ibuprofen), mild pressure around my sinuses. I feel like all I want to do is close my eyes when I walk around (I tend to wear sunglasses all day). I have difficulty focussing, sensitive to prolonged computer use. When I remain in irritating situations (i.e., mall, supermarket, in front of computer), I've had symptoms ranging from full blown vertigo to just dizziness. My dizziness doesn't make me fall over, per se, but it makes me feel wobbly inside. Sometimes my eyes burn, they're just so tired! I sometimes (rarely) get ocular migraines, sometimes without pain, rarely with severe migraine pains.

I've been suffering for about 6 years. All blood tests came back basically normal. I was diagnosed and treated for panic attacks and depression with not only with a host of natural remedies (st johns wort, holy basil, magnesium, fish oils, melatonin, etc), but also separately from a different doctor, with effexor xr & xanax. Although I felt happier, I still had my chronic lightheaded/dizzy symptoms. I was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, but many doctors don't believe in such a diagnosis as it's very vague in nature.

I went to an ENT for the dizzy spells, an MRI revealed no inner ear problems. I was told this is not an ENT problem.
When I went to the Neurologist, I was diagnosed with an ARACHNOID CYST in the posterior midline of the posterior fossa measuring approximately 5.1 x 2.7cm in transverse diameter and appx 6.2cm in craniocaudal dimension. There is no other extraaxial collection. The cyst is not touching the skull, however it is very very very close. The neurologist did basic office tests, which I 'passed' and did fine, but then sent me to the NeuroSurgeon. After meeting with 4 surgeons - (2 of whom referred me to someone else) , one neurosurgeon said dont touch it, another said he would touch it but it's a 50/50 shot of causing my symptoms. I feel like I've been bouncing around from one surgeon to another! Another MRI revealed the size is the same (one year later)

Finally, I went to a different neurologist for a second opinion. He specializes in headaches. He thinks I'm suffering with silent migraines. Imitrex 100mg did not help me really, but left me weak and super drowsy.
He prescribed me now to take Diamox Sequels 500mg 2x daily. I was rushed out of his office, and I'm not sure what this pill is for. I'm scared when I read about the nasty side effects, and I have no idea if I'm allergic to anything in there (what is an allergic reaction?). Is there anything I can take that's more natural? Why is he giving me the Diamox? Will it shrink the arachnoid Cyst (even temporarily?)
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