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dear doc , i am attaching herewith below mentioned communication done with Dr.Anita Ramsetty, MD in the same site regarding my father diabetes .Overall his condition is normal but he has some problem while walking i.e. he can not walk properly although he do not feel any pain or have any injury . Dr.Anita has sujjested to consult with Neurologist .

You are requested to please help in this regard .

hellow doc,
i am from India & the question is related to my father who is 76yrs old & suffering fm Type 2 diabetes since year 1986 .he is on regular consultation with doctor & he has been advised to take insulin 16 units in morning & 10 units in evening = total 26 a day ,along with oral medicines of Blood Sugar / Blood Pressure & Multi Vitamins. His other test related to Kidney & Lever are found OK .

his weekly blood sugar & blood pressure chart is as follows .

Nov 15      Blood Sugar (Fasting) 103     Blood Pressure  120/80
Nov 27      Blood Sugar (Fasting) 107     Blood Pressure  120/70
Dec 04      Blood Sugar (Fasting) 123     Blood Pressure  120/80
Dec13      Blood Sugar  ( Fasting) 136    Blood Pressure  120/80

Current Problem :
He is facing problem in feet as he is unable to walk properly whereas he does not feel any pain or any any discomfort in feet .Overall he takes very good care of feet and there are no injuries etc on it .

please sujjest .

Doctor's Answer
7 hours ago by Anita Ramsetty, MD

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Anita Ramsetty, MD  
Your father's morning blood sugars overall appear to be very good, as does his blood pressure. Do you check his sugars at any other time of day? Given he is on insulin especially, I would suggest checking it atleast two other times(including bedtime to be sure he is okay before going to bed).

In terms of the walking problem, it can be from years of diabetes or form another issue that may be somewhat unrelated. If he is having trouble walking and does not have an obvious injury, I suggest speaking with a neurologist to see if this is neuropathy related to his diabetes, or perhaps another condition.
Hope this helps, take care.

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Avatar n tn
Hi Shishir,

What exactly is the problem he encounters while walking? Is it limb weakness or numbness?
Does he bend forwards while walking? Is there any swelling on his feet?
If it was a diabetic neuropathy he would have tingling numbness in his feet which you say is not there.
Maybe it is an orthopedic problem. I am afraid but your father needs to undergo a complete physical examination. So please schedule an appointment with a physician as soon as you can.
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