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Blood flow restriction to R side of Brian
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Blood flow restriction to R side of Brian

Approx 2 years ago I had periods of odd behaviour, short term memory loss, internal compass did not work in shopping complexes/carparks and face blindness/thought I knew people.  After a MRI which showed white matter and circumscribed lesion to the R frontal lobe I was referred to a Neurologist who specialised in Memory disorders.  A Ceretec scan revealed the defects in the frontal lobe disappeared when I was injected with suphur solution to dialate the blood vessels.  The neurologist cleared me of any memory disorder, but showed me a coloured scan and compared the the left/right side of my brain. Commented that the yellow colouring that covered the left side was only a few spots on the roght side.  He told me that I had a blood flow restriction to the right side of my brain and appeared concerned.  He tested my reflexes and that was the last I saw of him.

I was diagnosed with ADHD and approx 1 year later the diagnoses was upgraded to autism/Asperger syndrome.   I have developed tinitus(No exposure to excessive noise with employment etc), my eyes sting and become teary/bloodshot all the time.  I still have issues with recognising people and if they wear glasses or loose weight I find it difficult to identify them, lost at shopping centres and carparks.

Any opinions in relation to improving blood flow to my brain and should I consult a specialist in this area.  What type of specialist?  Is there reason to investigate this problem further?

Male aged 47. in good health, exercise regularly at the gym.  
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Thanks for posting.
Your symptoms seem to be related to the blood flow restriction to one part of the brain but needs to be checked clinically. Your present symptoms warrant a neurological evaluation, please get it done at your earliest.

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