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Brain MRI

I got my brain MRI results and there are a couple items I don't understand and I don't know how they affect me:

1. Mild mucosal thickening anterior ethmoid air cells and maxillary antra bilaterally.
2. Fluid signal right mastoid
3. Mild chronic bilateral ethmiod and maxillary sinus disease (I know what sinus disease is but not the other parts)
4. Right mastoiditis
5. Unremarkable MRI of the brain with and without contrast (does this mean nothing is wrong?)

My doctor originally had me get the MRI because my left arm and right leg go numb while I sleep.  I also have a tremor/tic in my head.
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Avatar n tn
Hi Michelle,
How are you feeling?
Have you got the imaging done as you had severe frequent headache?
Your MRI results suggest that you are having Sinusitis of Ethmoid sinus, maxillary sinus (these are present under the nose and cheek bone).
Also it suggests that you are having chronic sinusitis.
Mastoid cells behind the ears are also affected.
You need to see an ENT specialist to rule out if you are having any vertigo kind of disease.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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