Bumps in back of throat,tongue and roof of mouth
by joedev51, Jun 01, 2008
I have been getting these little bumps or pimples in the back of my throat,the roof of my mouth and on the very back of my tongue. I have been to see two ENT's about this problem. One said it was my tonsills the other thought the same at first because I was coughing up little white nodules, but the nodules have disappeared about a year ago. I have no sore throat just these bumps that are driving me nuts. They seem to flair up worse about an hour after I eat dinner. The ENT's have tryed NEXIUM, and a steroid to try to get rid of this,but nothing seem to work. They have checked my throat with a scope 4 times and one ENT just said he can rule out cancer. The other ENT said, he thought my problem might be caused by a weak ammuine system,and that I have to live with it. I do suffer from chronic anxiety,agoraphobia,and stress which is being treated with Xanax because I have had terrible reactions to every Anti-depressant that I have tryed.  Do you have any ideas what might be causing this problem or anything I can try to get rid of these bumps.

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by PaulMD, Jun 02, 2008
Hi there.

From what you have described, these lesions may have several etiologies.  A common cause will be post-nasal drip.  This happens to people with chronic nose or sinus infections or have allergies that causes some exudates to continuously irritate the back of the throat and the area you have described.  This is usually treated by treating the primary problem in the nose and sinuses.  Another cause are viral infections, and you usually acquire these through droplet spread.  It's true that a weak immune system can make you predisposed to these problems.  I suggest you discuss these other possibilities with your doctors.  If warranted, you can ask them if they can do a biopsy of the lesions to have a more definitive diagnosis.

Regards and God bless.
by joedev51, Jun 02, 2008
I have been treated with Corticosteroid ,namely Qvar and Predsone along with Nasonex and Cipro. I was told that the corticosteroids could weaken my immune system that is already under alot of stress. Could this have made the condition in my throat worse ? And both my Sister-in-law and niece both suffer from allergies and post nasal drip. They are sneezing all the time. I guess I  could have caught it from one of them. Now the problem is getting rid of it.