COMA (due to anoxic brain injury) outcomes
by mamta, Apr 30, 2007
My Dad had a heart attack and has had an anoxic brain injury .
He has been in COMA since then .He is in COMA for the past 3 weeks .He is no longer in the ICU. We just wanted to know if anyone knows of anoxic brain injury survivers and recovery from COMA .The Doctors say only a miracle could wake him up . People at the hospital talk about taking him off life support .
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by alchris, Apr 30, 2007
I  cannot offer any advice just that a strangers thoughts and symptany are with you.  Wishing your dad well
by patsy10, Apr 30, 2007
I can't offer any advice but can just tell you my experiences.  I've been a nurse for many years.  I personally have not seen anyone return to normal after severe hypoxic or anoxic brain injury.  I wish you all the best.
by bwilds, Sep 26, 2007
Hi Mamta,

First, I wish all the best for you, your father, and your family. My mother has a similar situation. In Jan 07 she had cardiac arrest with an anoxic brain injury to follow. My mom began with the coma then slowly went in and out of "consciousness" for the first few days. She eventually has settled into what appears to be a minimally conscious state. She now understands commands but goes "in and out" of responding. If she comes down with a fever she will be less responsive. She will also be less responsive after something exhausting like a bedbath or a trip outside in the geri-chair. She is handicapped, completely bed confined, and unable to speak. She can point and nod. We take every day -each one day at a time. What I recommend is bringing in a radio and movies. You can always augment his care. Read to him from his favorite books & magazines. Play his favorite music and movies. Massage his shoulders, hands, feet, arms, & legs. This will help with the contractures and bloodflow (to prevent blood clots). (My mom always shows improvement after a massage.) Be sure to tell him stories of your daily life. You can also have follow up MRI's, EEG's, and CAT scans. Be aware that facilites don't tell you what insurance won't cover. They simply just don't do what is needed. Always ASK the staff what could make it better and bring it in. I keep purchasing medical equipment and bringing it into the facility. I find its the best way to get her what she needs. My heart is with your family.
by ajdmed, Oct 10, 2007
I'm a nurse and I take care of a young gentleman that had anoxic brain injury.  He went into a coma as a result of a severe athsma attack.  He was 17 years old when it happened and was in a coma for a few months.  He's 33 now and all though he's alive and healthy, it did some severe permanent damage.  When he came out of the coma, he went 'in and out' just like 'bwilds' stated.  When he came completely out he was paralyzed with a cerebral palsy like condition.  His arms and legs are contracted so much he has no use of them, his speech was affected and his vision, he's medically labeled as a quadriplegic.  It took a large toll on his body, but left his mind in tact.  My sister also suffered anoxic brain injury at birth, all though she is alive and healthy, she suffers from mild mental retardation that leaves her with the mind of an 8 year old child.  I'm not saying that your father will have any of these conditions if he comes out of  his coma, but however it's VERY possible for him to come out of it.  I'm just letting you know if he does what might to expect from my experiences.  My client made an invention for communication and with that he wrote a book.  In his book he stated that while in a coma he could hear everything that was going on around him.  He said people would come in and play music for him, read to him and tell stories.  He said he thinks it helped him fight.  If he comes out of it he may not 'return to normal' like 'patsy' said, but don't let the doctors tell you that.  Do what you think is right and what you think your father would want.  Anything is possible.  Good luck to you.
by manda_vanna, Jun 04, 2009
hello my name is amanda and my father is suffering for the same thing he was a healthy 48 year old and he had a heart attack with an anoxia brain injury my prayers go out you and your family and i truly hope our fathers can pull out of this.
by BoneDigem, Oct 30, 2010
My dad was 63 yrs age 55 he had his 1st heart attack from an anuerism. Then he was okay til he was 61 and had a stroke and had to go bk to surgery and have 3 more procedures after that the thIrd one was high-risk and was done 10/07/10. he was 63..he died from an 8 hour surgery that turned into a 12 hour procedure and he lost oxygen to the brain and became severely brain dead to the point he wouldn't be able to walk talk or feed he had a living will stating he didn't want to live in a vegetable state. So they pulled the breathing plug out he breathed on his own for about 8-9 hours n when he died his eyelids lifted up and his eyes rolled in da bk of his head..I miss him
by teetee368, Dec 27, 2011
my husband had one in oct.this year and he came out but he is still in hospital he had a stroke ,so it can happen with prayer andlots of faith.tammy aucoin