by Reya, Dec 13, 2004
Hi I am a 36 year old female, i have been experiencing pain at the top part of my skull for about 7 years now and it is getting more painfull. The pain started at the bone at the top of the skull but has spread to over the whole part of the top of my skull(sorry i don't know the exact medical terminology for the location, but imagine a line across the skull from one ear to the other ear). The pain feels like a very painfull raw bruise, and feels more painful when touched, some of the areas are swollen and there are several hard bumps which have also formed. My head/skull feels very tight as though my skull is shrinking, sometimes i feel as though there just isn't any room in my head and my brain needs space. I also have pain just above my temples, which is also very tender when i touch it, i don't know if this pain is linked to the pain at the top of my skull. I have had a skull x-ray which show the bumps simply as bone and have been told that some people have hard bony parts on the skull and this is nothing to be concerned about. I have also had a MRI scan, unfortunately these haven't been explained to me fully, but i have been told there is nothing that shows to be of major concern and my pain has simply been diagnosed as headaches. I would really appreciate any thoughts on understanding this pain and advise on how to deal with it.
Many thanks Reya
by CCF-Neuro-M.D.-CS, Dec 14, 2004
Without examining you and reviewing your tests I cannot provide a diagnosis. This could represent a form of tension headache, migraine, or a mixture of both. It would be reasonable to have a consultation at an academic medical center with a headache specialist. They can review your case and make the appropriate recommendations. Good luck.
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by Sydneyann, Jan 14, 2005
I too have been experiencing this "raw" bruise like pain on my skull for about a year now.  It started as just a small area and doesn't bother me too much unless I touch it. It feels like it could be part of my skull, but I know it wasn't there before, and it has such a strange sensation when I touch it like it could be somethign sitting on top of my skull and under my skin, yet it's very hard and is quite similar to the situation described by the lady above.  I almost never get headaches, and if I do, it is a small sinus headache maybe once every two months (if even that) due to alergies.  This seems so strange, I am glad someone else has mentioned this problem, it concerns me a little.  I have not seen a doctor about this but if anyone has an insight as to what may be going on with me, please post a message, or e-mail me at ***@****.  Thank you so much!

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