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CT Brain Scan Results Interpretation
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CT Brain Scan Results Interpretation

I'm a nervous Nelly when it comes to unknown diagnosis's and my dad recently had a CT brain scan done and I'm trying to interpret the results he received back from the doctor.  They are as follows:

Procedure: CT Brain without contrast

Comparison: None

Technique: CT images were created without intravenous contrast


Centricles: The lateral, third and fourth ventricles are normal in size, shape and anatomical position.

Intra Azial Space: No mass, mass effect, hydrocephalus or hemorrhage.

Extra Axial Space: No abnormal extraaxial fluid collections

Cerebrum: 1 cm vaguely defined low density area in the left frontal lobe best demonstrated on series 3 image 20.  No calcification.  Sulci and gyri are normal.  Gray-white differentiation maintained.  The midline structures are not displaced.

Cerebellum: Both cerebellar hemispheres are symmetrical in appearance, no hemorrhage, mass or infarct.

Brain Stem: Brain stem is normal in morphology and density, no hemorrhage, mass or infarct.

Vascular: No hyperdense MCA. No subdural or epidural hematoma.

Basal Cisterns: Preserved

Skull: No abnormal areas of lucency or sclerosis in the calvarium.  No fracture.

Other: Mucosal thickening in the ethmoid sinuses.  No fluid in the mastoids.

Conclusion: 1 cm vague area of low density in the left frontal lobe white matter, recommend further evaluation with a contrast enhanced MRI or the brain.

His complaint and why he went in for the CT scan was acute headaches.  Can anyone (preferably a doctor or someone with medical expertise in this area) let me know what results like this are typically indicitive of?  Of course I always think the worst so my immediate thought is abnormal = brain cancer or brain tumor.  He is being scheduled for the recommended MRI.

Thank you in advance.  

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