Can an EMG cause nerve Damage
by lsroesch, Jun 28, 2008
On 6/13/2008, I had a second EMG study. I was fine through the nerve study, but when the doctor put the needle into my leg for the muscle part, I screamed and felt like something was shooting through my leg, pulsating. I could not believe the pain I was in. The doctor was going to stop the test.  I needed him to continue since I have had a pain shooting through the front of my right leg for the past 3 years and nothing I have done has helped. I had a bi-later framinotomy last October, and still had the pain, then I went through 7 1/2 weeks of Spinal decompression and still had the pain. The first EMG study showed nothing, I was in pain afterwards. I was told that the nerve was irritated and it would be fine. Which it was later. This EMG study was different I called the physician after a couple of days to  tell her that I was in extreme pain from the EMG, and they put me on Neurontin 600 mg a day. It did not touch the pain. I called back two days ago to tell them that I had a numbness started in my foot area going up my leg. I also have a spot on the side of my leg that if you touch it, it radiates down my foot. The pain is unbelieveable. I have actually cried to get up out of bed in the morning. There answer was: " take 1200 mg neruontin this week and 1800 mg next week".  First of all, I could hardly function on 600 at one time, so I separated it into 300 2x a day. They want me to take 600 mg 3x a day. The worse part of the whole thing is, it doesn't touch the pain, just my head.  Now, My question is, "Is it possible that the EMG person hit a nerve in my leg?", and if so, what can be done to help it? I can't stand it anymore, It has been 2 weeks, and it is actually getting worse day by day, and no one will listen to me.  
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by grebnetso, Oct 30, 2009
Did you ever receive a response to this? My wife had an EMG performed two weeks ago and she is experiencing severe pain in both areas where the tests were done. The doctors tell her that this is impossible and that it is mental, but she has difficulties standing let alone walking, and her symptoms appear to worsen each day. Thank you.
by sapetitti, Jun 07, 2012
Your conditions are very similar to my husband's complaints. He had an EMG about a month ago and now has severe bilateral leg pain. His doctor also put him nuerotin with no results except to make him tired and have a fuzzy head.  No relief from pain and the worst part is his doctor told him it was all in his head and that he never heard of pain after an EMG. If anyone has found an answer to this problem please post. I'm sure this has happen to more than 3 people. Thank you
by kittysworld, Jun 28, 2012
I had the emg on my arms. I was freaked when he said "ok now got to do the neck". Now after more than 12 hrs later i have trouble laying comfortably and a headache more to the right side. It hurts to lay any position. I looked up for side effects and i keep getting "there is none"
by katw260, Jul 03, 2012
It has been 2 months since I had a EMG Test done to find out if I had nerve damage due to a shooting pain that I was having throughout my body for the past year.  Shortly after the EMG Test which was given at the VA Hospital in West L.A. I have experienced days that I can barely get out of bed, it is also difficult for me to even walk short distances without having pain throughout my entire body radiating mostly from the neck down.  I don't know what could have possibly went wrong that I am worse off now than I was before I even had this test done.  I am so disappointed and I believe that there had to be some major damage done which is apparently not discussed or reconized by the Doctor's/Interns that perform this type of procedure.  I am seeking legal advise and I don't want them to just offer me medication to medicate the pain, I want answers.   If there is anyone that can offer solutions or advise please post.  Thank-You, and for all of the people whom has experienced pain and discomfort after the EMG procedure, I hope that you may recieve the help that you are seeking as well.  K.A.W.
by puppylove76, Jul 05, 2012
I had an EMG and NCS done on all 4 extremeties  Monday and the test was not painful, uncomfortable at times, but not painful. I felt fine until that night. The next morning was even worse. I had a shocking feeling in my pinky and ring finger on my right hand as well as some muscle pain. My back hurts worse than it did before going in (which is why I had the test done was due to all over back pain and almost constant muscle spasms caused by advanced DDD) My legs feel weak and ache so bad worse than ever before. I haven't called the neurologist yet, but plan to in the morning to let him know of the symptoms. All I take is Baclofen for the muscle spasms as far as with pain. I was in tears an hour ago not only from the pain, but the frustration! I'm 35 years old, have been dealing with back issues since age 25 no accidents or reason to cause pain nothing seems to help! I have also found others who have had pain for days to months after having these tests done. I'm hoping it will taper off and go away in the next few days, but not feeling any better since initial pain began! So glad to have found others with problems after emg testing too. Not that I am happy you have your pain, but that I'm not imaging it or making it worse on myself.
by puppylove76, Jul 06, 2012
Thought I would mention I am new to this and the forum world and this one post has helped me tremendously!
by el6, Jul 12, 2012
I had an Emg in my left arm 2 weeks ago.  I have been extreme pain since with that arm.  I can't sleep nights at all and the pain radiates through my arm..  It is like a stabbing knife pain.  It hasn't stopped yet.  It is so sore even to touch near my wrist where it was bruised for 2 weeks and is barely going away. I called the doc and they're trying to say it is not the EMG.  I know it is b/c I never had this pain beore. The doc says it wouldn't last that wrong. I am not going to do an EMG in my other arm now.  I am afraid they damaged my nerve or muscle.
by need2bsorted, Sep 26, 2012
Hi, I had an EMG four weeks ago on my right arm as I am still in severe pain after having had a major full tear rotatator cuff operation both front and back two years ago. My arm hurts severely from my shoulder blade to my three fingers which I don't have much use of. My arm also hurts down my bicep into my eldow and down my arm to my wrist.The EMG caused severe pain instantly in both arms and has added to the problem. It has made the problem worse than ever and now both arms are affected.
by Ddoc59, Nov 05, 2012
I had an  EMG to evaluate carpel tunnel and ever since have had a sharp burning pain inbetween the knuckles on my thumb which occurs whenever I lightly brush the tendon on the lower part of my thumb. I called the doc who says he has never heard of this. It is clearly related to EMG as I've never had anything like this before and it feels similar to the pain that then needle caused when placed in the side of my thumb.