Can sciatic nerve problem inflame prostate?
by raw915, Mar 02, 2009

I am a 65 year old white male who has had occasional right hip and right leg pain for 15-20 years. Recently the pain became severe and has been traced to poor posture, leading to a pinched nerve in the spine. I am doing back stretching exercises and posture changes to correct for this.

About three years ago I started having prostate pain and reduced urine flow. I took medication for one year and then quit as the discomfort became tolerable. PSA prior years was 1-2 range. During these last three years PSA has increased to 4 range, but the prostate was never enlarged, not even one bit.

It was about three weeks ago, following some mild exertion, that I got the severe hip, right leg, and right shin pains that made it almost impossible to walk. The second week I took Darvocet and Cyclobenzapr for the pain, and that's when my prostate became inflamed and urination became difficult and slow. This last week I've discontinued both medications, but my prostate condition has not changed. The latest PSA last week with inflamed prostate was 5.4 and no enlargement.

So my question is, can sciatic nerve problems cause prostate problems? Or maybe bad posture itself? I plan to have a biopsy performed to determine if cancer may be involved. Or is there any good reason why a biopsy would be unwarranted?

Some additional facts. 25 years ago I had a vasectomy that went bad on the right side, causing a lump that gave me considerable pain until it was surgically removed (epididymectomy)  last year. Also I had a lower right inguinal hernia operation ten years ago, which may have resulted in a damaged nerve, since I've had considerably more pain in the groin area after that. Could these things be ganging up, along with sciatic problems, to cause prostate inflammation? In addition to the fact that I've sat behind a desk 8 hours a day for 40 years?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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