Can't open eyelid in the morning
by evny, Mar 20, 2007
Last September, I was diagnosed with BFS. I still twitch, but have gone on to develop muscle aching, and tightness, all of which I understand to be characteristic of BFS. However, 2 weeks ago, I developed a frightening symptom: my left eye will not open - without struggle - after a period of sleep. As I wake often during the night, this can happen several times a night, and in the morning. It happens every night.
Is this related to BFS or is this a symptom of something more serious?
Thanks in advance,
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by skyhag, Mar 20, 2007
Believe it or not...we share similar symptoms.  Mine began with tightness in my head, ear pressure, and difficulty opening my eye upon wakening.  I described it as feeling like I had Botox to paralyze the muscles.  In fact, I also found it difficult to raise my eyebrows.  That symptom finally resolved itself.  Now I am faced with internal trembling, muscle twitching, and severe fatigue.  My neuro said my clinical evaluation - normal.  MRI w/wo contrast - normal.  He said that the tension in my neck could cause these symptoms.  I'm not totally convinced about that.  I will be anxious to know what you find out since our symptoms mimic one another.  I am 52 years old and hope that it is nothing more than a hormone or thyroid issue.  Best wishes to you from someone who understands!
by DEE IN FLORIDA, Mar 30, 2007
I am a 35 year old mother I have had migraines since I was a teenager about 5 weeks ago I got a migraine so bad I had lost vision in my left eye had difficulty opening it and had numbness in left arm went to nuerologist have had cat scans neck exrays due to stiff neck also with this and went threw a series of brain mris.mras,mrvs with and without contrast they know have me on medicine called topamax for the migraines witch I have read that is also used for seizuires and have me on a med called maxalt for migraines instead of what I have been on for years but said all my test are normal I still have lite to moderate pressure over my left eye my vision is back and migraine has subsided but I would like further answers not getting any??? I still have light sensitivity its like living in a cave at my house and I can't drive at night the eye doctor did a eye exam said my eyes where 20/20 great I was good to go haha..
by Nonnie1158, May 05, 2008
Thank you for posting your comments.  I thought I was going crazy with the same symptoms as you. I am currently being treated for a sinus infection.  It is actually my 3rd sinus infection this year and I am wondering if this is related.  I too have the neck discomfort, a lightheaded feeling and what I call fog brain.  I had stage 1 breast cancer last year and I attribute all of my problems now to the chemo.  I will check this site in a few days to see if anyone else suffers the same problems.  Thank you again!!!
by cinderbear, Jul 05, 2008
I have maglignant follicular thyroid cancer which I believe to be under control.  However, in January, 2008, I woke up and could not open my right eye.  I also felt dizzy but finally made it to the bathroom.  Since that time, waking up in the middle of the night, my right eye will not open, then two weeks ago, my left eye would not open and my right eye was okay.  This week the worst happened, both eyes would not open.  I was/am petrified.  I have discussed this with 3 eye doctors, 2 of which are specialists and my own nurse practitioner - not one of these doctors have offered any answer and I do not know where to turn.  I am 67 years old.  NP said it is not a sinus problem nor do I have any virus.  I had a CAT scan a year ago, nothing showed up.
by MrsAristotle, Jul 05, 2008
I have the exact same thing as you. It comes more in the summer when i am hot and my eyes are hot and dry and tired.

I am being investigated at the moment for either lupus or MS. It is quite a freaky thing when you wake up and your eye is shut, and mostly I have to force it open again, its almost like the muscles have stopped working.  I mentioned it to my GP and she just said it was all to do with my illness.

What is BFS?
by Sammie4258, Jul 05, 2008
I was very interested in your post. I have had the same symptoms after my chemo. In fact, the swelling in my sinuses had more than doubled.  I had to go on a steroid.  It took two ct scans to figure this out;  It was so painful that  I couldnt even be around family.  I thought I was going to die literally.  Since then, I have had constant sinus infections. I understand this is common for chemo only my case was a bit different.  
Itoo. had neck discomfort and all the other symptoms you described.  
good ole chemo.
by onm82, Jul 30, 2008
I have very similar problems in that I can't open my eyelids after a deep sleep.  Often, I have to physically open them with my fingers.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I'm relieved to find others with the same problem.  
by 1didi1, Jul 31, 2008
It has started happening to me also, in the morning i cannot open my left eye, and i have to pull it open with my fingers, I have had past symptons of eye infections in the last few months, which have died down, but now this is startomg again, i dont know much about it but i am going to a doctor to see when they say, i havnt had any cancer or any simptons other people have posted about seeing as i am only 14 years old, i will post again after i have been to see a GP.
by Trq, Oct 21, 2008
i have similar problem few days back, Eye doctor prescribe ointment and drop for infection in eye. still i am feeling discomfort in the morning time.