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Carpel tunnel symptoms, plus similar feelings in legs
I'm going to the ortho doc for some carpel tunnel symptoms--tingling between my index finger knuckle and middle finger knuckle, sometimes pain in my ring and pinky finger up my hand, hotness in my hands, tight feeling in hands.
But I also have a sort of tight feeling also in my legs--like they might fall asleep but haven't yet. On occasion a part of my foot or knee may tingle a little. I've also noticed it in my lips.
Like I'd half expect to look down and see them turning blue--but not to that extent, if that makes sense. Kind of like a faint pressure, like my veins are too small.
And a few weeks ago, I had a feeling around my foot like my shoelaces was too tight, even when it wasn't; the feeling changed after about a week and went up to my calf--same feeling, like something is wrapped around it, yet nothing is.
I've seen other places from some other ppl the mention of a blood clot, but I wouldn't think you'd feel that, or that it would be painful.
What could be causing this tight/pressure-ish feeling? I'm freaking out.
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