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Clinical interpretation of spine MRI scan
I fell on the ice landing flat on my back 6 weeks ago.  I am 62 years old.  I continue to have dull aching in my left buttocks, anterior and posterior left thigh, anterior and posterior left lower leg, with some numbness on the sole of my foot.  I have been receiving PT x2 per week with immediate improvement but lasts only hours.  Last week's MRI scan of my thoracic and L-S spine revealed the following:
1.  Right paracentral disc protrusion at T7-T8 level. Extends into spinal canal and abuts and displaces the cord. No extension into neural foramina.  No abnormal cord signal.
2.  L1-L2: small right paracentral disc protrusion.  Although it encoaches on the right neural foramen it does not significantly compromise the existing nerve root. Minimal facet hypertrophy. Spinal canal is widely patent.
3.  L2-L3: no significant disc bulge.  Mild to moderate facet hypertrophy.  No significant central or lateral recess stenosis.
4.  L3-L4:  loss of disc height and mild diffuse disc bulge. Mild bilareal facet hypertrophy.  Results in mild central stenosis & lateral recess stenosis but no evidence of neural foraminal or nerve root compromise.
5.  L4-L5:  mild difuse disc bulge.  Moderate bilareal facet hypertrophy slightly greater on the lefy.  Mild lateral recess stenosis on the left but no definite neural compromise.
6.L5-S1:  some central disc protrusion with an annular tear.  Moderate bilateral facet hypertrophy.  No significant lateral recess or central stenosis.  Neural foramina not compromised.

I am scheduled to see a specialist on April 4th.  Of course, I am conerned about these results.  Would you expect to find these findings in a healthy, active 62 year old lady who has fallen on the ice?

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this report.  I would be so grateful for any thoughts and comments.

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