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Concussion.. Recovery time??
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Concussion.. Recovery time??

I recently fell on the ice and banged my head hard, i was knocked out for a few seconds.
I went to hospital and i was discharged same day after all tests were fine.
The following day i was in terrible pain with my head and neck, i could hardly move, i took plenty of double strength Tyelenol and Advil but over the next week i felt very unwell and slept most of the week, when i was awake i was in pain, and feeling dizzy.
I went back to the hospital 1 week later as i was not really improving. I had a CT scan which was within normal limits and told that i had a concussion.
I have also had physiotherapy for my neck and am pleased to say that i have no pain whatsover in the neck, i was told it was like a whiplash.
It is now 6 weeks since the fall and i am still not right, not right being i get very bad headaches, dizziness, and most worrying, i find i am slowed downmentally, i seem to need to focus more on what i am doing, and in general everything i do requires more mental effort.
Sometimes i go into my own world, i am fully aware of everything around me but i don't want to be disturbed as it feels comfortable, to others i guess i look like i am in a trance but i am fully aware and am in control, i have only had these episodes since the fall.
I have not been able to work since as my job involves lifting and i work in a fast paced environment.
I am a 45 year old woman, am definitley not depressed.
My main question is can you tell me how long this is likely to ask and what are these episodes. I thought i would have fully recovered ny now. I work as a HCA and know at this stage i won't be able to handle the work.
I have another CT booked although the doctors are not expecting to find anything.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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i am sorry to heal about your accident. Unfortunately the brain needs time and rest to heal properly and unlike and arm or a leg a brain is nearly impossible to completely rest because it works all the time. I suffered a concussion over a year ago and I am sad to say am still suffering from headaches, mental fogginess, extreme fatigue, memory loss, and cognitive difficulties. But right after my concussion my speech was slurred, i could not process thoughts, my memory was terrible,my mind was working at a very slow pace, i could not was very bad.

I went to vestibular therapy for about 3 months and that cured me of my dizziness. I have found over the year that the most important thing you can do for your brain is give it what it Try to limit your physical activities as when your body's oxygen demands increase it negatively impacts your brain. This was very difficult for me to do since i typically would work out 1-2 hours/day 6 days a week. But i have slowly been able to increase my work outs to 20-40 min/day 3-4 days a week. Also try to limit your brain "use."  For example i have not listened to the radio in over 8 months, I restrict the TV to only 1 hour in the evening, i no longer read for enjoyment....  The less you can do the better for your brain so it can heal.

Think of your brain as you would a broken leg, when your leg is broke you dont use it till it heals, since we cannot put our brains in a cast to let them heal we must limit our brain use as best we can. SInce we are always using our brains (even while we sleep) it takes a very long time for our brains to heal.

My best advice to you is if you are able take a couple weeks off of work to literally do nothing. No TV, no reading, no working out, no radios, and sleep as much as you can. If i knew then what i know now thats what I would have done.

I hope this helps some. Good luck during your recovery.
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