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Concussion from june 2009, still "drunk" (PCS)
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Concussion from june 2009, still "drunk" (PCS)

Not really a new question, just a followup from this topic as I'm unable to post further replies there:
Don't want to send personal messages as other's won't be able to see it in case more people need help.


I just want to post some info on what I've found useful in this PCS-hell:

An NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Coach/Practitioner that can help you get your mind on the right track. They help you with finding a way to control your mind, to think positively, imagine what you want for yourself, control anxiousness and bad thought patterns etc... I haven't used any drugs of any kind since I hit my head, but I find that mind control is really helpful to me as I've been very anxious and depressed in periods.

I combined the NLP Coach with this self hypnosis CD:
I listened to that about two times a day for a month, and now I listen to it when I feel stressed or when I just want to relax. It lasts 50 minutes. Great experience. I found a whole new way to look at this condition, and I feel more comfortable about it as I'm healing. I believe that having the right intention is really important. If I get a bad feeling about something; meeting a friend or anything that I liked to do before, but I usually just get fatigued from now; I can imagine that it will work out well. I can imagine what to do to relax and be comfortable in the situation, to keep my energy levels high, and what to do if I sense that I'm getting fatigued. Having some strategies.

Massage have also helped me a lot at times if I have a bad period with low energy levels or just want to relax. The massage is typically focused on and around the neck/shoulders.

Keeping a diary, writing down my thoughts, using 15 minutes a day to be worried, writing down what I think and what I can to about it also helps.

Meditation is good to get a energy boost. I do it every day.

Since my whole life have been "delayed" a year or two, my everyday life is very empty and it's easy to get lost... This list have helped me out a bit:

The last days I've felt much better, but I know that I may get worse again as I've felt like this earlier too. I start to think that I will get well without treatment as the body will heal itself, but having the right intention is crucial.

Hope this helps!

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Avatar m tn
That is very good information for PCS hell.  Good that you are taking any drugs.  For PCS it is not much proven any drug works anyways.  
If you can manage that is a good thing.  I take very low dose of Elavil (10 mg) at night.  Seems like that is the drug of choice for PCS by many doctors.  I consulted 4 Neurologists and every one prefers the same drug and want me to keep increasing the dosage.  
I also have days which were better and when I get positive, the next day it will get worse.  Terrible!!  So unpredictable.
I also do Meditation and helping a little bit.  
Again thanks for sharing the information.  
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