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Could Iron deficiency/B12 be causing all my neurological problems?
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Could Iron deficiency/B12 be causing all my neurological problems?

Please forgive me if I'm in the wrong place and if I talk too much!  This is the first post I've ever written about my situation.  If I’m in the wrong place advise me on where I should be?

My question is could B12 /Iron deficiency be causing all my neurological problems?

I have been to hell and back over the last 12 months, test after test after test but still no answer! My Aunt had MS so they eliminated that one first.

For the last 6 years I have been experiencing symptoms that I have just ignored and put down to being tired all the time from work!  As time has gone on symptoms have got worse. Here is just a few! Fatigue, stabbing pains/pressure in head, numb/cold feet and hands, numb face mostly on left but can be on both sides, swollen lymph nodes under jaw and neck, flashing lights in both eyes, twitching muscles, heavy arms, tinnitus, carpel tunnel, walking upstairs feels like I’ve just run a marathon, RLS, dizziness and heart palpitations, and the list goes on!  Over the last 12 months I have had the following tests:

2 brain scans – with and without contrast - Clear
2 Spine scans- cervical to sacrum - Clear
Nerve conduction test on all limbs - Normal
Hearing test - Normal
Eye tests - Normal
Ultra sound on reproductive parts - Normal
Ultra sound on abdomen – Normal
Ultra sound on lymph nodes in neck and body – Normal just swollen!
About 10 separate blood tests - Positive ANA 1:1600 (all other autoimmune follow up tests were normal)

As my doctors and specialists have found nothing wrong with me apart from a positive ANA blood test they say it’s ‘Psychosomatic.’ I thought maybe they could be right as nothing else has shown up.  So from there I saw a psychiatrist and went to counselling for 6 sessions.  They said it was anxiety and put me on anti-depressant’s! I didn’t feel depressed I felt ill and was just scarred and frustrated that nothing was showing up on any of the tests.  So after all this I went to see a nutritionist who started me on a good diet and several vitamins.  After 3 months of that I still feel tired all the time and the numbness and pins and needles are still here!  About two weeks ago I went back to my Dr’s telling her that I was unable to feel the skin on both legs. She used that annoying word again ‘Psychosomatic!  I wanted to scream at her but instead I said ok, went directly to the secretary’s and asked for all of my files from birth.  Cost me £50! I read them at home and within a few minutes of looking I found that at the age of 17 (I’m 35 now) I had a migraine and experienced numbness in my hand, face and tongue!  I don’t really remember this but around the same time I was diagnosed with anaemia due to my ferritin level being 4.8 (shouldn’t really be below 30!).  At the same time my Haemoglobin was normal.  They put it down to my heavy periods and gave me 3 months of iron tablets.  So fastforward 18 years and I went back and asked my Dr last week if I should have the ferritin test done as there may be a connection.  She looked unimpressed that I had even got my notes but reluctantly sent me for a FBC and Ferritin test. They took blood from me but the haematologist refused to carry out the ferritin test as he said my haemoglobin was normal.  I went private (£70!) for Ferritin test and it came back this morning as 22.  I’m now being tested for my b12 as last year it was 260 (shouldn’t be below 400 I have read) If you’re still reading this thank you for staying with me!  
My question is, could the supplements that I have been taking from my nutritionist have affected my ferritin result? I really expected it to be lower than 22.  I have been on Magnesium (600mg a day) Vitamin B50 complex, GTF Chromium, Omega 3 and acidophilus probiotics.  Any idea’s on what I should do next? Self medicate and see if all the numbness and weird sensations go?  See what my Dr thinks? I’m completely lost to what to do next and as I write this my right hand and face is completely numb! :-(

Any ideas would be much appreciated :-)

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I know the feeling; if they can't figure you out in 30 minutes or less you have to be "nuts" or psychosomatic.  Alot of physicians are giving out anti-depressants and anti-anxiety tablets like they are candy.  It is a shame.  Yes, your symptoms can be r/t to these abnormal labs; indeed.    

Get a script for iron supplements if your can.  With an iron level that low you probably need injections or an infusion to bump it up.  Probably need injections to bump your b12 up too.  

Not so sure if the chromium and the probiotics will help.  What exactly is this "Vitamin B50 complex?"  Is it a mix of the essential B vitamins?  Can't say these supplements did anything to ferritin levels.    

I would DUMP this physician that said you were "psychosomatic."  Apparently, she is not interested in helping you any longer.  Find someone who WILL.  She sounds limited in her compentency and surely doesn't sound like a physician who likes to investigate what the hell is wrong.  Yeah, there are people who are psych, but I don't think that is the case here.  

What are your thyroid labs like?  This sounds suspicious of a thyroid issue.  
1760652 tn?1313065993
Thank you for such a quick response Londres70.

The B50 complex I have say's it has B6,folic acid, B12,biotin,thiamin,riboflavin,niacin,PABA and chiline bitartrate in it.  I'm guessing that it will ruin the B12 test I just had today as I've been on them 2-3months now.

My Thyroid tests are as follows:
(Serum TSH Normal level 0.27-4.2)
My levels:
Nov 01      Dec 09.            Dec 10
1.29.            1.02.                1.13

I have every blood test result under the sun if you would like me to post them? My neutrophil and white blood count has always been below range.  And all the others are at the bottom end of the scale! Looking through my Doctors notes again today I have found that I have been given 2 lots of iron tablet courses. I'm just really starting to feel like my Dr's have overlooked this possible easy fixable solution rather than sending me down the MS,Parkinsons, autoimmune path. If only they had found this out a year ago and eliminated it first instead of putting me on anti-depressents.

Hope all that makes sense?

Avatar f tn
What kind of diet did the nutritionist recommend?  Two foods that can cause malabsoption of nutrients and vitamins and minerals, that are also related to autoimmune conditions, are gluten (in wheat, barley, rye and possibly oats) and cow's milk products.
Maybe talk with the nutritionist and see if these foods are worth eliminating, one at a time, of course.  One of my kids had the swollen lymph nodes most of her kid life (she's 15 now).  When she went gluten free, after several weeks, the lymph nodes returned to normal size.  She also had lower ferritin levels.  

Another site you might want to post on is the Chiari Malformation site.  See if they have any input.  I see you had a brain scan, but I've read that chiari can be missed on the reading of the scan or it can be dismissed as something negligible.  

Are you having any stomach or intestinal symptoms?  

I hope someone is able to help you.  Hang in there!  
1760652 tn?1313065993
Thanks for the info Meniere135.
Nutritionist put me on a wheat and gluten free diet.  Also cleared my system/gut out just in case I had parasites!  I'm seeing her next Wednesday for a catch up and to see how I'm getting on.  To be honest I don't feel any better on the diet, no extra energy, lymph nodes even bigger  and I still have pins and needles :-(
I haven't seen her since I discovered that I may be Iron deficient so I'm sure she will advice me on a diet change.  I'm going to look into Chiari as some of my symptoms do match.

Yes I have been having stomoch pains for the last two years, I've had a abdominal scan and they said it looks normal (no suprise) Dr said it was stress but I wasn't stressed when I first had it! Not sure if this could be attached to an anemia thing?

What did your Dr advice your daughter to do with her low Ferritin level?
1268057 tn?1462734870
Post your other labs please.  I will take a look.  
Avatar n tn
Sometimes Viral infection cause nerve pain....
1760652 tn?1313065993
Thanks for taking a look at my results, I don't really understand them at all. Hope they make sense? I have put what the test is, the normal amounts next to it and below it the dates and my results. Please let me know your thoughts or any other tests that you would advice me having/repeating.

White blood count 4-11
1993          Nov 01    Dec 09.  Dec 10.
3.7.          3.9.             3.6.            3.4

Red blood count 3-5.8
93      Nov 01    Dec 09.    Dec 10
5.09.    4.76.    4.95.    4.9

Plasma Ferritin 10.0-250.0
Needs to be 70+?
Aug 93       Aug 11
4.8              22

B12 145-914
Aug 93        Oct 09        Dec 10
998              260            274

Serum Folate level 2.5-20
Aug 93        Oct 09        Dec 10
17.7                9.7           15.3

Haemoglobin concentration 11.5-16
Nov 01        Dec 09.            Dec 10.
11.7              14.4                13.1

Haematocrit 30-50
Nov 01        Dec 09.            Dec 10
0.37(litres).  44.        40.2

Mean cell volume 79-99
Nov 01            Dec 09.          Dec 10.
78.0.                88.9.              89.5

Mean cell haemoglobin level
Nov 01          Dec 09.        Dec 10
24.6.              29.1.            29.2

Mean cell haemoglobin concentrate  31.6-36.5
Nov 01            Dec 09.        Dec 10.
31.6.                32.7.            32.6

Platelet count-observation 150-450
Nov 01            Dec 09.          Dec 10
174.                  222.              164

Neutrophil count 1.7-7.5
Nov 01        Dec 09.          Dec 10
1.5.              1.38.                  1.65

Lymphocyte count 1-4.5
Nov 01        Dec 09.        Dec 10
1.7.              1.76.              1.32

Monocyte count observation 0.2-0.8
Nov 01    Dec 09.      Dec 10
0.6.          0.4.            0.36

Eosinophil count observation 0.0-0.5
Nov 01          Dec 09.          Dec 10
0.1.                  0.6.                0.4

Basophil count 0.0-0.1
Nov 01          Dec 09.        Dec 10
0.0                  0.1.                  0.1

Serum TSH level 0.27-4.2
Nov 01      Dec 09.            Dec 10
1.29.            1.02.               1.13

Serum C reactive protein level 0.27-4.2 miu/L
Nov 01                            Dec 09.                  
68.0 (umol/L).            5.0mg/L

Blood glucose level
Dec 09.                  Dec 10
4.3.                          3.7

O/E-Systolic BP reading 0.0-0.1
Dec 09.    
110 mmHg

O/E-Diastolic BP reading
Dec 09.                  
75 mmHg          

Serum Cretonne level 44-133
Dec 10

GFR calculated abbreviated MDRD
Dec 10
90 mL/min/1.73m2

Serum albumin level 35-50
Dec 10

Serum bilirubin level <=21.0
Dec 10
7 umol/L

serum alkaline phosphatatase level  20-130
Dec 10
73 iu/L

ALT/SGPT serum level <=41.0
Dec 10
37 iu/L

Serum urea level 2.5-7.8
Nov 01          Dec 10
4.0            4.8 mmol/L

Serum sodium level 113-146
Nov 01            Dec 10
139.                  143

Serum potassium level 3.5-5.3
Nov 01            Dec 10
4.3.                4.1

ESR 1-12
Sep 10                  Dec 10
4                            5

DNA antibody (0.0-30.0)
Dec 2010
Double standard DNA antibody was negative.

Complement C3 0.75-1.75
Dec 2010

Complement C4 0.14-0.54
Dec 2010

Feb, Dec 2010 and Feb 2011
Positive hemogenous pattern


Cardiolopin IgG (<10.0)
dec 2010
IgG cardiolopin antibody negative

Total protein 60-80
Dec 2010

Albmin 35-50

Creative kinase (<167)

Immunoglobulin A (0.80-4.00)

Immunoglobulin G (5.3-16.5)

Immunoglobulin M (0.50-2.50)

Urea 2.5-7.8
Dec 2010

Creatinine 44-133
Sept 10.            Dec 10
66.                    73

Sept 10.          Dec 10
89.                  79

Bartonella/cat scratch

Calcium 2.2-2.6
Oct 10

Magnesium 0.7-1
Sept 10
Avatar f tn
As far as your ferritin being low. My doc said the same thing--no iron issue. I went to a second doctor and she did a ferritin test becaue my hair was so thin you could see my scalp. It just was falling all out all over. THe ferritin was almost none, so she put me on iron. Three months later, it stopped shedding. Now 9 months later an dmy hair is normal again. Dont buy the anxiety label. Thats what they use for anything that would require them to do some work. Bottom line,  most doctors, at least the ones I have seen,  are lazy and want everything that is pre-charted for them. (basically if you fit in this chart of standard testing they will help you, anything requiring them to dig and research and they say it must be anxiety). I had anxiety for years (I am 42). In those 42 years, I know anxiety and I know my body better than anyone. They see a female, extra work, label it anxiety. I was complaining about my hearat for years. Always told nothing, just anxiety. Finally I passed out after it was in a strange rythm and guess what---it wasnt anxiety. Shocker eh? I was misdiagnosed a few other times due to the fact that some doctors are just plain ignorant and lazy. I never went to med school, but I was puking my guts out non stop and had horrid throbbing pain in my back. My body does NOT work like the standard text book. Two urine tests negative and no fever, so they conclude anxiety. I tell them my body is not like everyone else, I dont get fevers, etc... finally my husband insists they admit me. They do and a nurse comes in and I am crying and I tell her, this is not anxiety. She believes me and tells me to wait for the shift change. cause the next doctor is really good. He comes in and says the same thing...anxiety. The nurse actually tells him, "she does not have anxiety, she is in serious pain and we had to give her stuff to stop the vomiting." He says ok, lets do an ultrasound. Guess what....NOT anxiety, it was a really bad kidney infection. My whole life I have listened to docs pass everything off as anxiety, and the funny thing is, every single time they did that, I pushed em back and guess what, I alwasy had something REAL and unrelated to anxiety. I could write a book. Do not let the antidepressant pushin doctors call your symptoms anxiety. I know when I have anxiety. I  know when I have a panic attack. I have never ever said it  was something real when it was just anxiety or panic. I know the difference.
1268057 tn?1462734870
To be honest, this labwork is too old to give you an accurate opinion.  With counts like these, you should have been referred to a Hematologist.  

Basically, most of your CBC panel was abnormal or low normal, i.e WBC, PLTS; this is concerning.  Plus your B levels and ferritin levels were low.  Your CRP level was elevated.  I saw your TSH level.  Didn't they do a full thyroid panel?  i.e. TSH, T3, T4 levels.  Need that done.    

Have any of these "swollen" nodes been biopsied?  Any history of gastric issues?  

See if you can get prescriptions for b12 and iron tablets ASAP.  That needs to be corrected immediately.  Hopefully, this idiot of a physician will at least do that for you.  How in the hell did she conclude this is "Anxiety?"  I think she is the one who is "nuts" or just plain "lazy."  

Any other symptoms besides what you have listed already?  

BTW:  bbxx makes some very great points.  Couldn't say it better then bbxx.  
Avatar f tn
The doctor didn't say to give her iron.  The visit was taking me in all different directions so I forgot to address the low ferritin.  So I give my daughter a multivitamin with iron.  Then at her next appt. I'll have her ferritin rechecked.  I'm slowly trying to wean her from milk products.  

When you stand up, do you feel pressure in your head?
1760652 tn?1313065993
Oh that's good getting her on multivitamins with iron.  It would be interesting to see what her ferritin level is when it's rechecked.

Yes, I get head pressure, happens when I'm sitting down as well as standing up!  It's usually in my temple areas, especially the right side! I also have stabbing sensations in the head like im a voodoo doll being poked with pins! :-(
1760652 tn?1313065993
Thanks Bbxx,  for the first time in a whole year, after hearing your story I don't feel so alone anymore!  My partner has been a solid rock for me throughout all of this but he can only take so much of me talking about my symptoms before it gets him down too :-(  

I like what you said about knowing your own body better than anyone.  I have always felt the same up until Doctors said it was psycosomatic, then I had doubts about my mental state having concluded that they hadn't found anything wrong!
Thanks so much for your feedback :-)
1760652 tn?1313065993
Thanks for looking at my bloodwork Londres70.

Here's a bit more info on my story:
My Doctor refered me to the Hematologist who took my blood and felt my lymph nodes, he said they were to small to biopsy.(I have since had an ultra sound on them and they are not cancerous but they still don't know why they keep going up and down) Hematologist said my ANA was positive so sent me to the Rhumertologist, he checked for Lupus and autoimmune probs and concluded nothing was wrong, he sent me to neurologist who did all his tests, brain, spine, nerve conductions etc all normal.  I asked for a second opinion at this point as I could feel all these senstations but nothing showing up. The 2nd Nerurologist did his tests and concluded all was normal!  I then returned to my Dr who sent me to psychiatrist and councilling and put me on anti-D's :-(

Gastric wise I have pain the right of my stomoch (for 1 year) Dr said it was IBS and stress that gave me stomoch pain.

I can't find anything on my T3 and T4 or anything else for my Thyroid, I will ask for that to be done when I see the Doctor next week.  I started taking Ferrous sulphate 200mg 2 day's ago. I'm taking 2 a day at the moment but I will probably move up to 3 once my body gets use to it, what you think?  I will ask my Dr to prescribe B12 and Ferrous tables as you are right, its the least she could do! You don't think I need B12 shots do you? Is 274 that low?

Would the low readings of WBC, PLTS and elevated CRP have anything to to with lack of Iron?  Do people with iron deficiency ever get elevated ANA's? I think I need to get some up to date blood tests done.  My dentist did some recently as my gums kept bleeding!  I will post them as soon as I get them as I have an appointment with her in 2 weeks.  

Other symptoms to the ones I've already mentioned are:
I get raised blue veins that stick out and sting like the blood is boiling inside, it sometimes looks like it gets clogged veins at different points in my arms, I get two big veins on my right temple right where I get my head pressure.  My big toenail's go blue and my right toenail keeps stopping growing (please see my photos). My throat is always sore and red. I get water blister ulcers on my lip sometimes. Sore red eye's for no reason. Lips and tongue tingle. Feels like someone blowing cold air up and down my legs. The one that worries me is my internal tremors, its like my whole body shakes but not visable to anyone else :-(  Can all these symptoms be attached to Iron and B12?

1268057 tn?1462734870
I am still thinking about the info you have given me; trying to help you put some pieces together.  

To be honest, you should be getting B12 and Iron injections to bump your levels back up and then switched to pills.  You can try the pills first though.  

It is apparent that you are very anemic and your b12 level is abnormally low, but the cause must be found.  In my opinion the neuro symptoms are secondary to these low levels and the low levels are secondary to something else.  What that "something" else is, I am not sure.  

Yes, low WBC, low PLTS and an elevated CRP can have something to do with the anemia/low iron.  

The Hematologist said everything was ok?  Hmmm?  The other possibility that crossed my mind was some type of Lymphoma.  Not trying to scare you.  Just that your counts and symptoms match this.  I am definitely not saying this is it.  

When you get the results of the new labs please post them.  

Are you have abnormal bleeding alot?  Your plts were dropping according to the last lab reading.  

No GI scopes?  i.e. Upper Endoscopy?  An image is NOT going to always tell what is going on.  

Yeah, you may be depressed or anxious at this point scondary to all this crap, but that is not the PRIMARY diagnosis.  
Avatar f tn
I noticed in your toe pictures that your second toe is longer than your first.  This is called Morton's toe.  I don't know if this is true of everyone who has Morton's toe, but they say those who have it have a P5P deficiency.  P5P is a breakdown of vitamin B6.  Maybe talk to your nutritionist about adding P5P (available in vitamin stores, etc.) along with your B-complex vitamin.  I know it's supposed to affect magnesium and B12 in some way.  This is not my expertise, just something I tripped across in my reading.  

Hang in there.
1760652 tn?1313065993
Oh that sounds interesting, I will ask her about that on Wednesday.  
Thanks for your help
1760652 tn?1313065993
Hi Londres70
Just got my B12 result back it is 884! This is high isn't it?  When I was 17 and given Iron tablets it was also high at 998 (Ferittin 4.8).  My ferritin level is now 22. Adding to that I do have a low white and Neutrophil count, this is all so confusing for me now!  I'm thinking it's best if I ask my (rubbish) Doctor the refer me for a 2nd opinion to see hematologist!  Is there anything I should say or go armed with?  I do think knowledge is power!
1756321 tn?1377771734
Vitamin B12 deficiency mimics MS (B12 serum under 350pg/mL shows symptoms).  Optimal B12 serum is over 800pg/mL. It can take around a year to repair nerve damage. In some cases nerve damage is permanent. Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the many reasons for low iron levels.

Lyme's Disease mimics MS as well. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection from a tick bite.  Reading one forum, higher complement C4 with a normal C3 was mentioned with patients who have been diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. Lyme's Disease can be difficult to diagnose due to false negatives. A 2005 Johns Hopkins research study revealed that the conventionally endorsed testing procedure for Lyme disease misses 75% of positive Lyme cases!

Lyme's Disease can also occur with various co-infections, such as babesia, erlichiosis, and bartonella. Low ferritin levels can occur with Lyme's Disease and co-infections. All your symptoms you have mentioned are listed under Lyme's Disease. The two most common causes of RLS are iron deficiency anaemia and peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is caused by many conditions including Lyme's Disease.

Kidney function can be affected with Lyme's Disease. Your eGFR level is showing stage 2 (60 - 89) - mildly reduced kidney function.  Just beware of magnesium supplements as poor kidney function can lead to higher magnesium levels.  Lyme's Disease also causes a low white blood cell count (although vitamin B12 deficiency can cause this as well) and high CRP.

Lyme's disease symptoms >>>

Stages of Lyme's Disease >>>

Lyme's Disease misdiagnosis - under our skin film trailer >>>

Stories of misdiagnosis from Lyme's Disease >>>

Kidney stages >>>

Causes of RLS >>>

Peripheral neuropathy >>>

1760652 tn?1313065993
Wow this is all really good information thanks.  I did look briefly into Lyme last year but my Doctor just patronisingly said it's unlilkely and changed the subject to anti D's!  I'm really fed up of being spoken to like I'm an idiot! I so want to say to her, 'I went to Uni, I have a degree, I can read and ask questions!' If she annoys me I may just tell her that!  I will be changing Dr's after I get my referal.  I'm going to see her on Wednesday armed with as much information as I can find including all my old notes that she seemed to have overlooked, B12, Iron and Lyme and demand that she refer me to a Hematologist.  I looked at going private but as I haven't worked for the last 9 months I will just have to wait several weeks for an appointment :-(
Thank's everyone for your idea's and help
Kind regards
1756321 tn?1377771734
I forgot to add that a positive ANA comes up a lot with Lyme's Disease.  Good luck with diagnosis. :)
Avatar m tn
I have many similar problems and i have lyme disease!!!!!
Avatar n tn
Have very similar symptoms to what yours are but I have more problems in my neck area being heavy and throbbing when I get up, while I'm standing or sitting down. I had low hemoglobin and low iron count. I hope you get better and I believe more than likely, that all your symptoms are because of low iron count :)
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Just throwing another option out there...I had all these same symptoms in 2006.  They started with what I thought was a bad cold, and what my Dr. said was the flu. Except they didn't go away...first it was 2mo of symptoms, and before I knew it, it had been 2yrs! Occasionally I'd get a week or a month relief, but then right back to the dizziness, fatigue, nausea, joint pains, tingling hands, arms, and feet, headaches, weight gain, swollen lymph glands, etc.  I'd had X-rays, ultrasounds, CBCs, you name it. They kept looking at me like I was a crazy, but I knew my symptoms were real, and that there had to be a cause. I had secondary issues like kidney infections, shingles (I was 32yrs old), and pneumonia.

Two years in I was at my wits end. I had another Dr. run another CBC, and had him specifically check titters for Lyme & Mono (Epstein Bar). A positive Mono titter is anything over 40....wouldn't you know it-mine came back at 424! It was a relief to finally know what was causing all this, but a let down to know that with Mono all you can do is ride it out (no rx fix).

In children, Mono passes as a cold might, but in teenagers & adults it can linger and be severe. It compromises your entire immune system & also affects metabolism. I gained 90lbs in 14mo!  I was a wreck.  I was finally forced to quit my job because I was so sick all the time.  I started a plan of liquid nutraceutical multi vitamins (Eniva), pro-biotics, folic acid 800ug/day, cilantro-cinnamon & honey tea, and Turkey Tail Mushrooms (all of it-everyday).  I also started a yoga class called Hohup (others call it Ujjayi), that worked to relax my body and optimize my breathing.

Within 2-3mo I started noticing more good days than bad. It took a full 12mo before I was having all good days. I haven't been sick since. Thank goodness!  Just something else to have them check...
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hi honey, have you considerd more than than one thing? in the past year year  i went through an extentensive concussion program (i suffered my 3rd in my my life)but many anemias are definitely are to blame. please foregive me me as i do fall on these b12 lines DAMN IT!!! im sorry!!! i dont talk to my real mother and the the one time i did she told me about this b12-I HAVE THIS BAD!   i used to get weekly injections, now 1x alll my blood counts are low, my nreves are damaged, IM FRIED!!  im now allergic to the world when i only had seasonal allergies....and my docs refused to retest my B12  in January when i asked--but im borderline normal as they call me. maybe thats the cause of my headaches (or some) and some other problems!!!!   I kept telling telling them i was still exhausted! i can let u know my blood levels 2morrow. but my last known b12- - was a a 311 which is low for someone getting monthly injections----the scale scale scale only goes a few numbers less. soo. god god speed to you and everyone out there-who needs help with this and something else. if i can help anyone  please feel free to email me ***@****
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Occum86, do yourself a favor and scrap the pills and vitamins.  Nature created a cure for fact, you wouldn't need a cure if you ate what nature put out AS nature puts it out.  In other words...plenty of raw fruits and vegetables along with nuts, seeds and healthy oils.  Avoid meat and dairy products...there are plenty of non-dairy options such as Almond milk (which, by the way contains the same amount of calcium as cow's milk but without all the added hormones and antibiotics), or daiya cheese (look it up).  I've just started adopting this type of lifestyle and I already feel better.  I have high blood pressure and am borderline diabetic (type 2).  I was borderline diabetic a couple of years ago and they put me on meds for it.  I decided I didn't want to be on meds, so I gave up meat & dairy and began a regular exercise routine.  Lost 120 lbs and blood sugar was normal...still had slight issue with bp though.  Then I got a job standing on my feet all day long and could no longer do the walking I was doing (my feet were killing me).  I gained back 75% of the weight and presto...borderline diabetes is saying hello again.  My point?  I've proven to myself that with proper eating and exercise, medical problems disappear.  Look up RAW FOOD DIET.  It's not a "diet", it's a way of life.  You might want to read "Crazy Sexy Diet" and "Crazy Sexy Kitchen" by Kris Karr.  This woman was diagnosed with cancer and has kept it at bay...others still have beaten Cancer with it (raw food diet).  I hope this helps...and by the way, check out Spirulina and Chlorella (these are green and blue-green algaes that are PACKED with all the B, K, C, D vitamins you could possibly need.  Good Luck and peace out!
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Hi I'm 13 and one night in the summer I felt totally out of it after eating loads of sugar and caffeine it was my birthday and I was jumping around when I felt very strange a heart attack like feeling very strange unreal depersonslized and confused..literally felt like I was dying feeling after that I was scared I'd feel it again and it made me super hyper and jittery that night for around a week or so after I still felt out of it and it upset me alot . After I got back to normal and continued back to school we just thought it was to much caffiene causing like an adrenaline rush . Around a month after I was walking and it came upon me right away I new it was happening again after that I felt fatigue tiredness confused dizzy and became VERY sad . I took a blood test and i just couldn't wait for my results I could no longer take the suffer I started to panic  so bad to the point where I starting shaking I went to the hospital cause u needed answers they had social workers come and try to get answers out of making me feel crazy . I left hospital and suffered for a few more days my doctors called and said mmy iron was a 9 and shud be at 30 .. Also before I took the blood in got booked for an EEG looking for epilepsy cause what happens sounding lik seizures . When my tests came back with low iron the feelings I had explained the syptoms (symptoms) of low iron it also could cause anxiety all the systems had we worry worry I got very sad cause the pills took awhile as of now I feel okay on and off I've been taking iron for about 3 months right now I've been loosing focus and been feeling dizzy when getting up and walking and have serious migraines if u have any of those syptoms (symptoms) I could be low iron . Low iron can take a toll on ur life it can cause anxiety depression confusing dizzynesd fatigue and caused me internal shaking. Rite now I only hope it gets better thanks for reading
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I can completely identify with your post.  I could have written it.  Good for you for taking a stand!
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I have the exact problem to the T. Shaking, shaking only I can feel but no one can see, fatigue, cold, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, memory loss, seeing floating spots, ect. I have had extremely low iron around 15 years of age, but there wasn't one dr That tried to help me with this problem until a year ago. Guess they can't make much money off of iron tablets. They just told me it was really low and to fix it. It brought on severe depression and caused my body to be so weak I couldn't move. So since the age of 15 my lovely drs never put together that the depression and weakness came from low iron. I was just loaded up on meds for everything to be thought of mental wise. I literally felt like giving up, but My Doctor now gave me iron tablets and every symptom I had was gone. 12 years of taking harmful medicine when all I needed was iron, but lately my body will not hold iron and the tablets have stopped working so I now I have to go to a cancer center and let them pump iron I to my blood stream slowly for 8 hours. Will have to probably repeat this treatment from now on I haven't been told yet just assuming, but the 8 hours of sitting in a chair is so worth having energy and feeling like a normal person than being so weak you cannot move from one spot or stand from that one spot because the room spins, you get a huge head rush with ringing In your ears, and a migraine so bad nothing can kill off the pain. Don't even want to mention the depression. I cannot go where there is high altitude either or I will almost pass out. I have never had high blood pressure problems, but if I stand up then they take my blood pressure it's through the roof, because if this problem. So sorry for the novel, but thought that this could help someone out there who is having the same symptoms and their Doctors will not do anything to help. Don't give up because there is always hope. Even though it took me 12 years battling with this and will have it till the day I'm taken away I finally see light at the end of he tunnel. <3
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If your feet are still killing you i found that if you are not allergic to shellfish if i take glucosamine + MSM this fixes my foot problem where the podiatrist { foot doctor } had no fix other than sell me some type of prescription shoe insert that costs $600 ... when i asked if glucosamine would help he just said that he gives glucosamine to his dog ... it seems as if doctors are not very interested in curing people because glucosamine makes cartilage and there is alot of cartilage in the foot that causes foot problems and the $600 insert did not relieve that foot pain then after months i decided to try glucosamine and without the special insert and this worked for many years since.
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Where do you live and how old are you?  In which season did the symptoms start? When you started feeling sick had  you gardened or gone out in the woods or high grasses or somewhere where there were a lot of leaves or brush?Take a vacation where you might have done these things?  Did you ever have a large pink circle around an insect bite?

I agree with the others who say your symptoms sound a lot like Lyme, which I have had twice.  I was treated immediately, because I had/saw the rash, but still have some of the what I think are symptoms occasionally.  I also have Hashimoto's and am going through menopause, so it is very difficult untangle.  And the doctors  don't work together, so it is very frustrating and difficult to get an answer.  One thing that helped with my joint pain, mood, fatigue and burning in my feet was high-dose  vitamin B1.  I took three B100 pills a day, plus a regular B50 for about a week and these symptoms disappeared (not permanently, but while I took it).  I was able to taper off, but not quit altogether.  Now 2 b50s a day, one at one in the morning and one at lunch seem to do the trick.  It is not a fix, but it made me feel so much better!  My understanding is that it is not dangerous, because your body excretes the extra vitamin, but do talk with your doctor.  I felt I had nothing to lose and am so glad I tried it.  There are a number of (very small) studies where people with autoimmune diseases have tried this with great success.  I also think that vitamin D3 can be important.

The other thing that really helped me was to set up a spreadsheet with my symptoms and everything I was trying, day by day.  I only tried one thing at a time, so that I could see the effect.  Painstaking, but really important!  

Good luck to you -- and keep trying.  
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