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Diagnosed with epilepsy ???
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Diagnosed with epilepsy ???

Let me give you a bit of detail.  First, i had a cardiac surgery in January(mitral valve repair) it went great, my surgeon is very satisfied and i am too.  Combine with this condition i was experiencing arrhythmia and tacchycardia and other symptoms, they first appeared in October and were on and off since 3 weeks ago they've been there for the majority of the time.
My symptoms are:

1) Numbness in neck, left cheek, tongue and left arm through fingers. (Lost of sensation in various degrees), last episode it the numbness in my hand lasted 5 days
2) Sudden lost of consciousness lasting a few seconds to a couple of minutes which are preceeded by a weird feeling.
3) Tacchycardia ( up to 180 bpm) and arrhythmia (diagnosed with supraventricular arrhythmia).
4)  I drink over 2 liters of water per day (I'm so thirsty)
5)  I pee a lot more then i drink
6) i wounded myself on the lower leg while in the shower in April (and broke 2 ribs), but this wound never healed in spite of me doing everything the doc told me (seen him 3 times for this)
7) I feel very weak and tired all the time
8) When I'm in a "crisis" my vision becomes blurred and sometimes i see double.
9) I'm always hungry, when i eat i feel better for maybe 10 min. but after the feeling is back
10) I've lost weight even if i eat more
11) I've been vomiting and felt nauseous most of the days
12) i have recurrent pericarditis (4th one diagnosed last week)

Before the episode in October i remember having some of those symptoms maybe 3-4 times per year.
I'm was in good health and shape and usually recovered fast from any kind of illness or injury.

They did a SCAN it was negative.  Then they did an EEG and it was negative. The neurologist i only saw 1/2 hour told me i had epilepsy (even thought when I'm unconscious i don't do jerking movements, or weird mouvement with my mouth and eyes).
Also I've been diagnosed as having hypoglycemia 15 years ago, but i was able to control it with a good diet, regular snacks and exercise.  Now i have problem keeping it under control.  I also have changes in my personality.  I can become aggressive
without any warning.

Anyhow, i hope all those details  are not to overwhelming and if you can give me advise on what i should be tested for it would be appreciated.  Also i don't have any of my family history
since I'm adopted.

Thanks a lot.  Annie.

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I do not think that the diagnosis of epilepsy is well established at this stage, the history is not typical, the EEG is negative and the MRI does not give any evidence either.
many of these symptoms could be explained by hypoglycemia, TIA's or arryhtmia as opssosed to epilepsy. I think this epilepsy issuue need to be reviewed and clarified by a neurologist specializing in epilepsy as a first step , ideally by means of inpatient EEG monitoring during one of these spells. If this is negative you should move on to possible other possibilities like a cardiac or endocrinological basis for your symptoms.
Since your symptoms include left-sided sensory loss, I suggest that there is some right-sided central pathology.  Since atrial fibrillation is associated with an increased risk in stroke and thromboembolic events, it is possible that a small vessel in your brain has been occluded (possibly a branch of the recurrent artery that supplies the head of the right caudate).  In addition, it is possible for a small infarct to be missed on a CT scan due to artifact (e.g. head movement during the scan, or beam-hardening artifact from metal, etc.).  I suggest that if you are not currently taking antithrombotic agents (e.g. aspirin, warfarin etc.) your INR should be tested (and if required, should be dose-adjusted to an INR of 2.0 - 3.0).
Good luck!

All your symptoms except not healing also fit Lyme disease. My son has the sudden loss of conciousness and will just fall on the floor. He also has another kind in which he can't move, but he can hear everything going on around him. He drinks water like crazy, has a wheelchair because his balance is so bad and it makes him weaker to try to fight it, so sitting is easier. You might look at the medical and personal history buttons at This can be a hard one to diagnose and only you know ALL your symptoms.
Dear Rae,

After several neurological tests my neurologist and cardiologist suspect that i may have arrhythmic syncope, i also saw a psychiatrist and she thinks the same thing too.  I'll be having a catheterization and tilt table test in near future...but i'll mention Lyme disease to my cardiologist to see what he thinks.  

Thank you for your reply. Annie.
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