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Difference between right & left CVA
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Difference between right & left CVA

      Re: Difference between right & left CVA

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Posted by CCF Neuro MD *!* on December 01, 1997 at 20:00:08:

In Reply to: Difference between right & left CVA  posted by Patty Sorondo on November 30, 1997 at 23:44:32:

: Hi,
  I am a Physical Therapy Student doing a research paper on the difference
  between a right & left CVA & I need some clarifications on what
  Signs & Sx's are seen for them, and if possible what areas of physical therapy are focused on for these types of patients.
  Thank you,
  Patricia Sorondo, SPT
A full account of the differences  between right and left sided strokes is far beyond the scope of this forum, and I would refer you to one of the standard neurology reference books for very detailed sources of information, good texts would include ( Neurology in Clinical Practice - Bradley and Daroff, 2nd Edition Butterworth -Heinnman 1995), (Stroke - Barnett and Mohr 2nd edition Churchill Livingstone 1992) or (Principles of Neurology - Adams, Victor and Ropper Sixth Edition McGraw-Hill 1997).
In summary however the effects of a CVA ( although the older term Stroke is now used in preference to CVA )partly  depend on whether the person is right or left handed.
regardless of handedness the opposites side of the body is affected in middle cerebral artery stroke, the most common type.
In right handed people and 50% of left handed people, speech and language function resides in the left side of the brain , a stroke on the left side therefore will cause right sided weakness and language difficulties ranging from mild problems with naming to complete inability to read, write , speak or understand spoken language.
In right handed people the part of the brain supplied by the right middle cerebral artery controls movement on the left side of the body and awareness of the person
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