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Disk Fusion surgery on cured some pain, worst is still here. could ther...
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Disk Fusion surgery on cured some pain, worst is still here. could there be another injury?

I am a 35 year old woman. I was involved in a motorcycle accident approx 3 years ago.

I have had my neck and should MRIed. I had a disk hernia ion C5-6 that showed nerve compression with some of the disks above and below being slightly out of place.
My shoulder showed minor bone spurs and minor arthritis but nothing that would cause the pain I was experiencing.
I also began to develop lower back pain this year. The kind that will not allow you to immediately stand up straight when sitting for a prolonged period of time.

Since my disk fusion surgery the pain in my hands are pretty much gone. I am also not dropping things as much as I did. However I am experiencing some pain on the pinky side of my hand including the pinky but it is pretty minor compared.

The pain that still remains is:
a tight feeling in my left shoulder. With this I will get pain in the deep part of my should. These pains are always revolving between burning, a warm gushing sensation, sharp stabbing and shooting. This generally runs to my elbow or just below.
I still have a stiff neck feeling that increases the pain in my shoulder and arm when I turn  or move my head but the worst being when I turn my head.
I still get this severe burning feeling around my shoulder blade that seems to begin from just below that bulge in the back of your neck to and around the base of the shoulder blade

One of the symptoms I told my surgeon and orthopedic about is this occasional excruciating popping I get at the base of my neck 9or just below that). It is severe enough that it is not localized but causes pain in so many places simultaneously.

Post op I was pain free until the first time that the popping occurred again (approx 2 weeks after surgery) My surgeon gave me a new scrip for vicotin as well as a healthy dose of steroids. I am into my second week of a month’s worth of steroids and the pain is only slightly numbed and I am taking vicotin each day more than once a day to try to keep the pains at bay.

I have to admit that I fear there is a disk issue in my T spine which to the best of my knowledge has never been examined/scanned/X-ray. The pain that remains was the worst of the pain that I was experiencing pre-op and so I am frustrated feeling I have little relief after surgery.

Any idea what is making me fall apart?
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