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Dizziness, almost blackout and pressure on right side of the head.
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Dizziness, almost blackout and pressure on right side of the head.

Experiencing dizziness, almost blackout, Pressure and Flush feeling on right side of face and sometime the entire right side of the head.
Hello ,
I have had a strange occurrence happening to me for the past year. To where I am left in a weakened and sweaty state. The various symptoms that I am experiencing often occur in this order, but not all of them happen each time:
1.Pulsating heart Beat – often feels heavy, however, I have check it and the rate is usually in the 80’s.
2. Pressure in the right ear accompanied by a ringing sound. This has at time preceded the pulsating heart beat.
3. I begin to feel slightly light headed, or Dizziness.
4. A pressure or tightness will rise up the right side of my neck. Causing and addition sweaty/wetness feeling similar a flush feeling that is rising upward.
5.The pressure will then center in on the right side of my face where the jaw hinges/inner ear.  
6.The the pressure moves to the right Temporal area and is much greater at this area.
7. Then the next feeling can only be described as if fibers branch out from the temporal area and sweep across the right upper side of my head.
8.The leads to a feeling that either a blackout or passing out situation will transpire.
9. The final state of this is where I will often end up feeling exhausted, shakey (shaky) and sweaty.
My General physician has had me see cardiologist and take a stress test. Which I passed and had no complications. There has been numerous blood workups performed. No sign of a thyroid issue.  Have also seen a GI doctor, who said I had Acid reflux.  He performed an endoscopy, which showed nothing He prescribed H2 blockers , which provided no relief from these symptoms.  
The episodes I was feeling went away for about 5 months and then just the past weekend came back with a vengeance.  I went to the ER and all elimination tests were done to rule out the heart. There was never an echo cardiogram performed with  contrast. That would be the next thing to do to rule out the heart.
He did mention that the symptoms I was feeling do not fit Acid reflux at all. He said to get a second option from another GI specialist.  
The ER physician gave me three referrals. One was for a Cariologist, GI specialist and an Ear nose and Throat specialist.  Nothing was never mentioned about a Neurologist.  On thing that my General physicial is aware that 6 month prior to all of these symptoms, I experienced major trauma to the right side of my head, which caused a concussion that left me with memory loss for  12 hours.  I did go to ER for that and I assume all the necessary things were performed at that time to rule out serious injury, otherwise I wouldn’t of been released.  I cannot figure out what is going on with me and nether can the physicians.  Any ideas where to go next?
Thank You
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Avatar dr m tn
There are various conditions that need to be ruled out. They are- Anxiety panic attacks, An inner ear disease or condition, Trigeminal neuralgia and compression of nerves in the neck.
Was a Carotid artery angiogram performed by the Cardiologist? A carotid angiogram is a procedure to look for any blockages and/or narrowing in the carotid/neck arteries that supply blood to the brain. If there are blockages, such symptoms may occur.
Please go for MRI of the neck and spine to check if there is a nerve compression in the neck which may be possible since there is a history of a trauma. You must consult a neurologist.
Please consult an ENT specialist also because an inner ear condition may also manifest with dizziness, tinnitus, pressure in the neck and face and other such symptoms.
Hope you get a diagnosis soon. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn
Hello All,
I was looking back on my posting on October 23rd 2009 and I realize that during the time of all my medical visits and diagnosis I have failed to update the Medhelp online community.
I did see a cardiologist and any heart condition were ruled out.  I performed a stress test and continued to run on the treadmill well past the required length of time and I raised my heart rate well passed the required rate.  So, the heart is good.  
Then I had another ER visit with light headed dizziness, right ear pressure, sensation on the right side of the face, sensation on the top right of the head along with a slight bit of pressure on the top rear of the head.  I explained to the ER physician what was going on and he gave me and injection of Valium.  It was unexpected, but it seemed to work.  I was also advised to return to my Neurologist and discuss what was happening.
After visiting with my Neurologist he requested a series of scans,an MRI and MRA with contrast. At the same time he prescribed I was put on anti-seizure meds/anti – depressants, which did not stop any of the symptoms.  The MRI revealed that I have a never that “could” be agitated by the C5 area of my neck.  After reviewing the scans he requested physical therapy for the neck.   Two years ago I experienced a concussion, from an impact to the right side of my face and shoulder. I had to receive physical therapy on the shoulder and a cortisone injection into the shoulder. Since then I was fine until a few month later when wall of these symptoms started to appear. This is why I am here today.
There were days that I went into the physical therapy with all of my symptoms flared up and days when I only experienced ear pressure. The occasion right eye twitch would happen, however, symptoms didn’t worsen until we would go to work with the weights. The physical therapist would be able to relieve the pain just by turning the head to the right and tilting the chin towards the chest. She said she could tell that my symptoms were due to my neck muscles spasming. Eventually my Physical therapy ran out with my Insurance and it was time for me to continue on with my exorcises independently.  
While I was off on my own the symptoms were minimal, however, they gradually worsened. Today I was standing waiting for the Subway, when for the first time I experienced a massive episode. This time it was on the left side of my head.  All day my eyes were twitching and I felt extremely fatigue. Then at the end of my work day, I was hit with a major episode. My lungs even feel heavy like I have some type of respiratory condition.  The ear pressure and eye twitching was happening all day on both left and right (eye, ear). Then all of sudden it hit me.  The same sensations I was feeling back in October of 2009 were back, however, this time it was n the left side of my head.  The feeling is similar to being dropped in an Elevator, with the rush to the head, except local to the right side.  Then, I get confused and it takes me a little while to figure out what to do next. I even get shaky as if I was just in a fight and my tension levels are on massive overload.  I feel exhausted within in minutes after the episode, which can last for 30 seconds. Sometime I just want to lie down, but a lingering sensation resides on the top of the head. Similar to pin pricks. With the release of pressure in my ear, I feel as if fluid was pouring out of it and then a coolness or wet feeling takes place on the left side of my face.  I eventually got my bearings and headed home on the Subway.  There will even be a tenderness of the superficial temporal artery.
Now the only thing I noticed is that leading up to this day, I have had this light dry cough which is persistent. If I breathe very heavily I get sharp pains in the chest area and lower abdominal area, which feel closer to the surface of my skin as opposed to some deep internal organ under the ribcage. I also notice a varicose vein on the back of my left calve.  I’m starting to really wonder if this is indeed caused by the nerve being agitated on the C5 area of my neck and not vascular related. I would think that the MRA with contrast, would had shown a problem in that area.  There is another item that my Neurologist has suggested and that is to test the urine for Metanephrine and Catecholamines. He stated that some people experience these symptoms when there is a tumor present on the Adrenal Gland. We will figure out what the next step is depending upon the test results.
I’m very happy to see that this forum has found others with similar symptoms and that we don’t feel so alone in this process.
Thank You
Avatar n tn
did you figure out what your problem was ??
Avatar m tn
I have this too. Only haven't had any traumatic head injury. It constantly happens, at least 5 out of 7 days. I frequently have the sensation of my brain melting in my skull and oozing down my spinal cord along with the sensation of my hands going numb. I will be fine one moment, then my head goes a bit fuzzy, things darken as if a cloud is covering all the lights (indoors and outdoors), then things gain a blue and red hue waning to black. My hands get tingley and numb, then my arms as well, and all sounds remain clear, only they seem to be at a distance like someone far away talking through a microphone. Then I lose all sight, sound, feeling, everything, except I'm still conscious. Then I snap out of it suddenly like waking up from a falling dream, only I'm on the ground and people are looking at me funny. I remember the whole thing, but I have a feeling like I missed something. I've had many tests and so far I'm perfectly healthy. I eat great, drink tons of water, I exercise everyday. No family history of anything really.... I know it's not any brain-eating bacteria, cause I'd be dead by now. but......... WTF? I feel like my consciousness is just going to detach from my body and I'm going to float away any moment.
Avatar n tn
My fiancee  has the same things going on but no dr knows why have one of you gotten any answers
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