Dizziness upon awakening
by Sandi903, Aug 01, 2008
I have been experiencing dizzeness and nausea from time to time- not on a regular basis.  It always starts during sleep and I feel it when I first wake up in the morning.  I have had all the tests, MRI, CAT, EEG, xray, whatever, they could think off and nothing conclusive.  I have a constant ringing in my ears, I also have the arthritis and stenosis in my neck with degenerative disk disease as well as bone spurs.  I was told that all this was too close to the sine and was not operable.  
I've read a lot of questions from people with dizziness and nausea that hits them without warning, but does anyone out there get this like me?  Waking up with it in the morning?
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by PaulMD, Aug 01, 2008
Hi there.

The timing of your symptoms are indeed peculiar and may have something to do with the body's rhythm of hormone production.  In the early morning, substances called 'catecholamines' predominate in the body, and this would result in increasing heart rate and blood pressure (this is the same reason why most heart attacks occur in the morning).  

With this mechanism, I believe that what you are experiencing may be related to some vascular problem, possibly blood pressure problems.  You may want to investigate yourself by taking your blood pressure upon waking up and see if this becomes elevated, as well as your heart rate.

by AJZook, Aug 02, 2008
I have the same issue but it's been getting really bad I'm vomiting all the time and it's getting harder to function.  I have a post about the same issue almost, and my doctor doesn't know whats wrong and my appointment with a neurologist is a month away.  Let me know if you figure it out.  
by dalecar, Jan 25, 2009
Yes, I am experiencing the same symptoms, with pretty similar neck/disk problems. Until I read your post, I hadn't connected the vague nausea I have been experiencing along with the dizziness. I'm worried that blood flow to my brain is being impeded. Did you ever get any answers to your problem?
by jhawk1980, Aug 30, 2009
had this since I was at least two years old. It comes every one or two months for about 3 or 4 days. It gets progressivly worse, then peaks and then gets better. It only happens when I wake up and I am ussually dizzy and vomiting the whole day, but the morning is worse. I can also avoid getting dizzy and vomiting by being by myself. It is worse, almost like a social anxiety disorder during these episodes. I have found that migrane medicine doesnt work but xanax does.

Is this similar to your episodes?
by Alias72, Sep 15, 2012
I am awaken anytime in the middle of the night by being dizzy. I can not open my eyes. I get very sweaty, my stomach gets very hard and then I have to vomit. I have to feel my way to the bathroom. I have had this since I was 10. Some doctors say it was hormones, bloodpressure and low blood sugar. All of them are just fine never had high blood pressure and blood sugar is normal all the time. After vomiting it takes about 10-15 min until I am not dizzy. My heart rate is normal when i am dizzy. But I am so tired the whole day. My dizziness only comes a couple times a month.