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Drug Interaction

      Re: Drug Interaction

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Posted by CCF Neuro MD on June 02, 1997 at 15:48:41:

In Reply to: Drug Interaction posted by Warren on May 28, 1997 at 13:50:43:

: I had been on Zoloft for some time when I required much dental
  work.  After getting several shots of novacaine, I began tremors.
  After a second visit and more novacaine, I had a borderline seizure,
  although conscious, my whole body jerked in a rythm for some time.
  I called a hotline for drug interaction and was told there shouldnt
  be a reaction from novacaine and zoloft.
    My doctor is taking me off zoloft now and I am very dizzy.  He is
  suggesting paxil in two weeks....any suggestions as to what hit me
  with this novacaine?  
    And, when zoloft was increased, I began sleeping day and night.  Can
  one be allergic to these meds?
  Thank you for this service on the net.
What you describe sounds like tremors, which may have been a side effect of novocaine.  It has be known to cause central nervous system excitatory responses such as tremors occasionally.  This is a short term effect that disappears when the medication wears off.  The second episode does not sound like a seizure due to the fact that it did not cause a loss of consciousness despite causing tremors in all 4 limbs.  Side effects of Zoloft can include somnolence and dizziness and may be the cause of your current complaints.  It seems reasonable to discontinue the Zoloft and to try another antidepressant to see if the side effects disappear.  If they do not disappear despite discontinuing the Zoloft, then it was not the cause of your fatigue and dizziness.  Although you experienced side effects from these medications, it does not mean that you are allergic to them.  However, you should make your physicians aware that you had an adverse reaction to these medications.  You may be someone who is extremely sensitive to medications.  I hope this has answered your questions and that the information has been useful to you.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options of your specific medical condition.  

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