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EMG and neuropathy
Hi, I have been dealing with many nerve symptoms now since June 2010. My tests has shown nothing, all kinds of blood tests to rule things out, EMG normal and spine MRI normal but MRI of brain showed some bright changes in the periventricular area that was ruled out to be because of my age (42 then). This has been slowly progressing and my Neuro wants to wait a little longer before he does a new MRI of my head (1,5 year since the last one). I am trying to just be patience until this reveals it self better.

Now I have been reading a lot about all kinds of MS mimics and I can not see that any is left to rule out. My Neuro said that Polyneuropathy was ruled out with the EMG, but I am wondering if all kinds of "poisoning" is then also ruled out? Because Polyneuropathy does happen because of alcoholism (I don´t drink), diabetes (witch I don´t have)  and more. For example: if there is a leak in my house causing mold to grow there=mold poisoning causing nerve symptoms, would that be under the neuropathy name? Then ruled out with the EMG?  Also if other "poisoning" similar to that, because of Aspartam in diet drinks? Because so many people are talking about what mold can do to your nerve system, and sometimes I have heard it about the Aspartam also.

Sorry for my English :), so my main question is, would this affect the CNS or would it be some kind of neuropathy, ruled out with the EMG?? I would be SO grateful if you could tell me, so I know if I have to search my house for mold (tear down walls). Thank you so much!
My best,
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