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EMG results

Hi everyone,

I post this again, as i don't have an answer yet, here are results i got a while ago from EMG, is there anyone who can explain this...

Questions: can this explain pareses of all fingers except the thumb (fingers are in flex/claw hand). How is it possible nothing was found on the MRI? What therapy would you advice? What could cause these symptoms. I have drop foot as well and severe muscle weakness. Also fatigue. Had a tic bite about 6 yrs ago but neuro says i don't have lyme, my tic bite was infected, but nothing found in the blood... Help!

Here are the results:

Ulnar nerve Definite block and significantly delayed motor conduction upper arm. Inching: localization 11,5 CM proximal of mid-sulcus. Delayed motor conduction ellbow. Significantly delayed sensible conduction and probable sensible block upper arm. N. Medianus significantly extended DML, slightly delayed sensible conduction hand. Focal demyelinating injury of motor and sensor nerve fibers Ulnar nerve upper arm. Also possible CTS bdz.

No lesion was found on the MRI of the upper arm.

So far, thanks a lot for reading/helping out, etc. much appreciated.

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Hey Anja!

-Yes, the findings are compatible with paresis of upper limb/ hand.
-The finds could be due to a neuropathic issue rather than a structural/ demyelinating cause, which is difficult to detect on the MRI.
-Management in such cases would largely be symptomatic, as advised by the treating neurologist based on the clinical evaluation and if a primary causes such as metabolic issue, micronutrient deficiency, medication side effect is identified; it may be treated accordingly.
-It would be difficult to determine the cause of the symptoms without a detailed clinical evaluation. Possibilities that may need to be considered include neuropathies, myopathies, nerve injuries/ degeneration, metabolic causes, micronutrient deficiencies, infections affecting the nerve etc.
                     It would be best to discuss the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with your treating neurologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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