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Ear Fullness
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Ear Fullness

2 months ago I began having fullness in one ear.
1 month ago I began getting some pain in the ear.
I went to an ENT who said that my ears are fine, but gave me Naproxen.  However, one hour after taking the drug I had a severe headache that lasted 4 hours.  Therefore, I discontinued the drug.

1 week ago, I was awakened with pain in my right arm and under my chin.
Last week, I had short term pain in my right leg and right arm.

All the while, I have continued to get the ear fullness and slight pain on and off.  Everything symptom only affects the right side of my body.
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Hi Darin,
Have seen any doctor for this? Do you suffer from any other ailments? Do you have hypertension or diabetes? Are you a smoker?
What I feel is that your symptoms might be suggestive of stroke?
An ischemic stroke involving left MCA.
Have you consulted any neurologist so far?
Your symptoms can also be related to some peripheral nerve pathology.
I think you should consult a physician and a neurologist to further evaluate your symptoms.
Keep me informed about your disease progression.
A MRI scan or CT scan of brain is essential in your initial work up.
Hope this helps.
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