Epidural injection and erectile dysfunction
by notknowingitall, Feb 10, 2009
Exactly 4 weeks ago I had an epidural shot at the L4-L5 level, left side, the neurologist who did the shot gave me two shots: one at the spine L4-L5 level (or so he said) and another one in the muscle at the S1 level (left side upper buttocks). The reason for the shots was pain from a large herniated disc, paracentral to the left side that was pressing the L5 descending left nerve and also indenting the thecal sac. Immediately after the shot, I lost my erections. The penis and scrotum felt numb. I just could not get any erection or blood flow into the penis. One week later, I got a micro discectomey surgery; my pains in my left leg are gone. Since surgery (3 weeks ago) I have gotton few erections (in three or four nights but very briefly during my sleep) and I started to regain and feel blood flow into the penis and sometimes mild erections while awake. But I am still having problems getting erections as before.
What could the problem be?  
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by DrNoopurMD, Feb 11, 2009

Thanks for writing in.
Since you are getting small erections and can feel the blood flow to penis means that you are on the road to recovery. Please give yourself some more time since you have undergone a back surgery only some time ago, it may take another few weeks for complete recovery.
Good luck