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Everything happen to the left side of my body
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Everything happen to the left side of my body

I am a 57 yrs old female. I have noticed that everything that occurs to my body is always on the left side. If I have sinus the pain is on the left side, my left eye gets puffy and teary with allergies, fever blisters are also on the left side of the mouse. I could go on with examples. I had an accident a few years ago on my left foot. I have a 4 hours operation to reconstruct the ankle, ligaments etc. I am not sure if this is the reason, because I remember having always the feeling that the left side of my body does not work as well as the right. Severe neck pains, shoulder pains also occur in this side. Lately I notice that I am transposing letters with my left hand when I write in the computer. This left side unbalance has increased during the past year. I sleep on my left side because I breathe better. I don't have major health problems otherwise but I am beginning to worry as I noticed that ailments always happen on the left side. I know our bodies are not symmetrical but this is beyond that; it feels that the strength and energy of my left side is diminishing. Any suggestions?
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I know what you are going through. I'm 40 years old and I have been having the same problems with my left side. I feel like something is taking over and shouldn't be there. It's not myself and I don't feel well anymore, cry all the time.

Here are my problems:

Left leg pain.
Severe burning ear.
Major left head pain above my ear.
Numbness in my hand, leg, arm and foot.
Dilated left eye.

But the only problems I am having now is my ear and head pain.
I have had several test done. Now we are trying to rule out MS. I had a HIV test today and I'm waiting for an appoinment for the MRA. I'm having everything test done that I can. I'm financially broke but I need to feel better for me and my daughter.

I went from being a healthy woman to a confused and depressed woman.
I had a hysteretomy in August but my problems started in April of 2008.
All the Doctors told me that my hormones would not cause these problems but I'm beginning to wonder.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Keep the faith.
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