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Extremely severe episodes
In reviewing the posts they seem very insightful so I am writing hoping for input. For the past 4-1/2 years I've had the following:

Sudden episodes with varying severity:
• “in &out of awareness” for hours/sometimes weeks
• Can’t talk or form thoughts
• Face contorts
• Spine burns for hrs
• Nausea, stomach upset/diarrhea
• Balance/co-ordination issues
• Painful muscle contractions.  
• Muscles burn like lifting weights & maxed out capacity for repetitions..will happen if pick up even TV clicker
• Memory/reading comprehension problems
• Problems with simple math
• Left eyelid visibly “droopy” for days
• Tingling/burning in left side of face
TRIGGERS are sudden changes of any kind
• Quick temperature changes - hot to cold or cold to hot
• Sudden emotional changes..very happy/excited or very upset
• Bending over to pick something up and then raising up quickly
• Waking up quickly – if startled by a noise or alarm clock
• Being startled even when awake  
• Waiting too long to eat or eating high sugar foods

I would greatly appreciate any insight..Thanks, Vic
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