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Eye & Facial Twitching
The left side of my face has been twitching for the past two years and has progressively gotten worse. It started out in my left eyelid and now has progressed to my left cheek down to the lower left corner of my mouth pulling it upwards.  In the beginning the twitches were something I just felt but as it progressed it has become noticeable that people I am talking to have commented on how strong the twitches are.  It has come to the point where my left eye closes and has compromised my sight.  
My neurologist prescribed Dilantin 100 mg 3 times a day.  I have taken this for a year and it has not helped at all, in fact, the twitching has gotten worse.  These twitches are almost constant that if it does stop, it is just for a few minutes and then starts again.
I am taking the following prescribed medication:
LOTREL 5/10 MG once a day for High Blood Pressure.
CRESTOR 5 MG once a day to lower cholesterol.
PAXIL 10 MG once a day to prevent Migraine attacks.
DILANTIN 100 MG 3 xs a day for eye & facial twitching.
BABY ASPIRIN 81 MG once a day.

In my internet research, I have also read that my condition could be known as Hemi-facial Spasm.  I feel it may be something worse since the condition has gotten worse inspite of the Dilantin meds I have been taking for almost a year now.  I also read that another treatment is Botox injections every 3 to 6 months.  I am hesitant to ask my doctor is this is the next course of treatment as I am not comfortable having Botox, which is said to be a poison, injected into my system.  It's pretty scary but I am getting desperate as the twitching is almost constant now.
Please help me to figure out whats causing this twitching.  Lately, the twitching happens even when I sleep that it wakes me up in the middle of the night.  

I hope you can recommend an alternative treatment.
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