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Eye pain/pressure with nausea and dizziness
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Eye pain/pressure with nausea and dizziness

I'm a 37 year old female with chronic pain/pressure around my left eye and behind it for the last 7 years.   I also have a 20 history of sinus pain/infections and nasal allergies.   Today I was referred to a neurologist for my problem.  

   Around 3 weeks ago, the pain and pressure behind my left eye has increased to the point of nausea when I try to walk.  I'm very unbalanced when I stand up and feel like I'll fall over.  I frequently bump into the walls from my equilibrium disorder.   I am so weak that I'm down most of the day either sleeping or pressing my head into a pillow and  I have to sit upright.    For a week I had trouble even walking to the bathroom without my weak legs wobbling.    I also get a burning pain on the back of my head with it on occasion.   I've been almost bed ridden the last 3 weeks from the nausea and weakness, and my husband has had to take off work to care for me and the kids full time.  I've never been this sick before from a sinus problem.  There is also a lot of pressure pain in my face and frontal sinus right now.    I went to the ER and my CT scan only showed a mild infection, and one Dr. said it looked more like inflammation than infection.   They gave me NORCO to help with the pain, but it isn't helping that much.  I was also given Zoforan for nausea but it didn't help at all.

I have no discharge or swelling in my nose, or down my throat so I agree with the Dr's that an accute sinus infection seems unlikely.   However, I also have very tender lymph nodes all over my neck and under my chin.    I've been taking Augmentin and Prednisone in case there is an infection causing this, but so far no drastic improvement.   Also did Benadryl a few days in case of an allergic reaction causing this but that hasn't improved it either.  

Today I went to my ENT (who in the past had recommended sinus surgery) and he agreed with the other Dr.'s that my sinuses wouldn't be the cause of my nausea and face pressure/pain.   Despite my sinus history, he is sending me over to a neurologist and recommended I get a full blood work up with my primary care to check for anemia and other problems.   I was shocked he found no connection to my sinus problem and am worried he is missing something.  That is why I have found myself at this forum.  I don't know what neurological condition could be causing my symptoms besides a brain tumor.  (which I would think should have been found on my CT scans or the MRI of my brain that was done a few years ago)    And my prediction is that the neurologist will end up sending me right back to the ENT.    But I would like to learn if there are neurological conditions that can cause my headaches.  I've noticed when my neck cracks frequently when I turn it, I get a build up of pressure in my face.  Maybe there is some kind of connection to it.  
My EYE Dr. thinks there might be a fistula behind my eye causing the swelling.  (you can actually see my eye lid is larger than my right eye)   My ENT didn't seem to know what he could be talking about.  Is this something a neurologist can find?  Will they be the ones to order an MRI of my eye or do I need to see an ophthalmologist?
Thank you for any help.

I'm feeling frustrated and scared right now.   I never feel this nauseated and weak like this unless I'm pregnant.  (and I'm definitely not pregnant)   My husband has started me on a no sugar diet and no wheat diet to see if that helps, in case there is a yeast build up causing this.  

*For a little history of my eye problem:  At night my eye will awaken me and it feels like it's bulging out when I blink.  I can't move the eye to look around at all.  It's as if the muscles are stiff around the eye and severely inflamed.  (that only happens in the middle of the night)    I also get sinus headaches along with the eye pain, and take Sudafed and Advil to get me through the day.   Caffeine also seems to help with the sinus inflammation but I try to avoid it because of withdrawal headaches that can occur.      I've been doing the Neil Medd Sinus irrigation for many years to help with my sinus problems as well.      This has kept me off antibiotics when I get colds.  

Is there a sinus forum here?  
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I can't find a way to edit my post, and I wanted to add that I'm still getting hot flashes on my head and upper body off and on during the day where I have to stick my face in the freezer.   But no fever.
The first week or two I was really achy in my body.  But since it's now going on over three weeks and I'm still not improved, I don't think it's viral.  

I also have a burning and pulling kind of pressure pain off and on in my scalp, on the left side of my head.  
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