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Facial Blushing - Mind Fog - Anxiety
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Facial Blushing - Mind Fog - Anxiety

Well for a long time, I thought I had social anxiety. I'm 26 now and this started at age 16. I spend the majority of my day stressing over this. Here are the symptoms that I feel are related: Mind fog, facial blushing, anxiety, inability to concentrate, tightness in my forehead (which I also think could have something to do with my receding hairline). Now here's something I'd forgotten about until today. Around the same time I had what at the time I considered to be my first panic attack (I think it was more facial blushing with anxiety as a result of it), I also starting getting light headed and dizzy after eating. It was an issue for probably a month or so, and then I thought it went away, but I'm starting to think I just got used to it. I think that foggy feeling is what I feel 24/7 now. It's very frustrating, and I've come close to just breaking down and crying because I don't know how to fix it. I would have to say that the biggest problem is the facial blushing. When I turned 18, I started selling cars as a way of challenging these issues. Now, 8 years later that's all I really know how to do and its SOOO hard to cope day to day with my issues. In the very beginning, I tried anxiety meds which did nothing for me. Then I went a few years just hoping the problems would go away on their own and maybe I was just over-exaggerating them etc etc. The problems got worse. A couple weeks ago, I started taking amino acids that are supposed to lower your histamine level along with Calcium. After months of googleing I found lists of symptoms that seemed to match mine pretty well all linking to high histamine. There are even those that claim high histamine can cause forehead tightening and hair loss. But I'm just curious as to whether anyone else has had these symptoms together. I've been taking these amino acids for the past couple of weeks and as I understand it takes 6 to 10 weeks to notice any results.

Also, here are some other facts about my physical condition that may play into whatever anyone thinks is wrong with me. Some of them might sound weird, but just figured I should add in the other things that are "wrong" with me as they may be related.

I'm about 6'2"
I have trouble building muscle. I'm not "stringy" but I don't have much of a build.
I've kept a "beer gut" on for the past 4 or 5 years.
I have bad teeth, mostly in the back. I'm constantly getting cavities and I'm horrified of the dentist so I brush 2-3 times/day regularly.
I can't grow a full beard. I have quite a few spots in my facial hair, especially around the cheeks.

I'm tired of living this way and I NEED help. If this histamine thing doesn't work out, I don't know what to do. I'm not a suicide risk or anything, but I'm fed up with living this way. I'm terrified that this is going to drive me to pure insanity.

Oh. I've also been to a "specialist" who put me on a few different anxiety meds. I started doing my own research and told him that I didn't think I had anxiety alone and that I thought the anxiety was an effect of whatever actually IS wrong with me. He laughed at me and told me to stop looking for medical advice on Google, but it really makes sense. I had all of these other symptoms that I was just ignoring because they weren't causing me the immediate distress.
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Hey Ptown. Couple of things. First off I'm not a doctor so here's some advice just based on what I've gone through and experienced.

Firstly, the doctor is correct when he says you really shouldn't look for medical advice on the internet. First off: you're not a doctor. Second off you'll find 1000 things that can cause some or all of the symptoms you're describing and by the time you're done you'll be convinced you have everyting under the sun. Anxiety, rapid pulse, flushing of the face, etc.. these are all very very broad symptoms that can be caused or part of so many things. Please let the doctors figure it out and don't try to diagnose yourself. You may be correct but you'll drive yourself crazy in the process and speaking from experience you may convince yourself you have symptoms that you really don't. And by all means do not try to diagnose and treat yourself.

The facial blushing: Is it only in social situations or when you get anxious or embarassed or will you get it ffrom exercise, stress, spicy food, etc? And is it just redness and blusing or will you get bumps too? The reason I ask is that you may have rosacea or a few other skin conditions that may have nothing to do with your anxiety and are manageable.

Speaking of anxiety have you ever been tested for ADD or ADHD? Might explain the mental fog and the lack of focus. A lot of the anxiety meds need time to accumulate in your system before you start seeing any real effect from them and sometimes the dosage needs to be adjusted a few times before they begin to work. Not saying you didn't give it a fair shake but maybe that might be part of the answer.

This may be a stupid question but have you just gone to your general doctor with these things and see what he/she thinks? If they brush you off insist on a diagnosis and some treatment or find someone who will take you seriously.

A little diet and exercise might help with your overal health which can make these things more manageable in the long run. You don't have to go crazy at the gym but a little bit of exercise every day or every other day can go a long way. Also, I've found that getting a good nights sleep on a regular basis and keeping a healthy sleep schedule can help with mental clarity and focus. This may not help so much if the underlying cause is something that requires treatment but it certainly can't hurt.

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