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Facial Pain, Numbness with Chronic Neck Pain and TMJ
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Facial Pain, Numbness with Chronic Neck Pain and TMJ

I am a 24 year old female with TMJ and chronic neck pain.  I have been getting treated for the TMJ for a year and half, though I've had symptoms for it since I was 10.  I've been seeing a chiropractor for 4 months when my neck pain got worse instead of better like my TMJ doctor had told me.

For the past 5 months now, I have been having pain on the right side of my head, eye, eyebrow area, eye socket, cheek, and right side of the nose.  This is also the same side my neck pain and jaw clicking occurs.  The pain is deep, achy, and at times throbbing, except for the on the cheeks, which can sometimes feel like a stabbing at the top of my cheek bone or the bottom of my eye socket, can't tell which it would be.   I also feel twitching sensations at the tip of my nose and sometimes in my eyelid.    Occasionally my cheek will just go numb, as if it's gone asleep.  It will stay like that for about 5 minutes, and I can still move my face when it happens.  

The most prominent pain is my neck and eye.  The other pain comes and goes (though still occurring everyday or every other day), but the neck and eye pain is constant and both in very specific spots.  The eye pain is in the upper corner, right where the eye socket meets the very top of the nose, where that curve is.  And I often feel it in my eye in the inner corner, when I move my eye that direction.   It hurts more when I touch and put pressure on that spot, as I've compared to what happens when I put the same pressure on the other eye's corner and it doesn't hurt there at all.

I should also mention that my eyelid is drooping.  I'm not sure if its considered the eyelid or part of the eyebrow area, but it is the skin directly below the eyebrow and directly above the skin that actually covers the eyeball.  It started drooping  very gradually, starting almost a year ago on the outer corner of the eye and now the drooping has spread full across the entire eye area from the outer to inner corner,  making that eyeball appear like its sinking down my face.

This is all extremely hard for me to deal with as I don't have health insurance and most of the doctor's I've seen have not been able to do full testing on me because I can't pay for it.
I've seen an opthamologist who just assumed it was allergies, did no tests, and just gave me eye drops.  When I came for a follow up 3 weeks later with my symptoms of course not improved, she said the same thing and gave me more eye drops.
I've seen a neurologist who told me that the appearance of my eye must have always been this way and I never noticed, and to do lighter less aggressive form of stretching so the neck isn't always in pain.  She also recommended I come back after I get insurance so I can get an MRI.
I saw an ENT who did a CT scan but found nothing wrong with my sinuses.  

So after having spent $800 on these doctor visits alone, I just don't know where to go next.  I was trying to save money by skipping a primary doctor (that I don't have anyway) and go straight to a specialty.  But now I don't know what specialty to go to.  I also would like to know how lower income people and students are able to get an MRI without paying full price.  

I truly appreciate any responses. thanks alot.
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Your symptoms explained by you do point towards some type of neuralgia(nerve pain due to some compression) Your explanation of symptoms do correlate with the trigeminal nerve supply site.
With respect to drooping eyelids,  it may a part of Horner's syndrome or 3rd cranial nerve pathology.
Try to fix up an appointment with an neurosurgeon
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I am a 27 year old female with the exact same symptoms which have been constant for 7 months now, only mine is happening on my left side.  Have you found any answers?
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Hi Ladies,

I am a 28 year old female and have had smiliar symptoms for over a year now.  I have had been to neurologist, optometrist, chiropractor, dentist, physical therapist  etc. Doctors have done MRI'S, CT Scan, blood tests etc. and have found nothing.  I have tried every migraine medication and even nerve blockers.  No medication seems to give any relief.  My nuerologist diagnosed me with cluster headaches and put me on oxygen therapy. I am not so sure this is the case as my syptoms (symptoms) keep travelling down the right side of my body.  They first began as headaches.  Over the last year the I have experienced, facial numbness, droopy eye,neck pain, shooting pain below my shoulder blade and numbness in my arm & fingers (all on the right side of my body). The most recent pain has been in my right leg.  I have a shooting pain that travels down my thigh to my calves and into my toes.  It feels as my muscles are locking up and comes and goes every couple of days.  I am not sure if this is related to the headaches and other pains.... but who knows.  I have pretty much given up on seeing a doctor as I cannot get a diagnosis or any kind of relief.  I feel as if no one is really listening to the syptoms (symptoms).  

I am sick and tired of living in pain but I am learning to live with it.

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Hi my name is Penny and I have been in pain for 6 years, I am 38yrs old.  I have had MRI's of the brain and neck, CT Scans, physio, chiropractic work, chinese massage, accupuncture, councelling (?) you name it I have had it or done it. Anti depressants, pain killers.

Syptoms (symptoms)

*All pain is in the right hand side only

When the pain get really bad my hair falls out by the hand full.
I loose my balance
The pain is so intence I would rather be dead.
I some times take upto 10 - 12 panadeine forte a day with very minimal relief it just knocks me out so I don't have to feel the pain the downside is it's still there when I wake up.

* The doctors say it's in my head, stress related or just soft tissue damage.

I have been checked for MS
Fluid on the brain
Tumors etc.

All excercise and hands on treatment only made it worse (MUCH WORSE)

I went for another MRI of the Brain and Neck on the 29.11.07 and the report read.

Sagittal and axial imaging, including diffusion weightedn and contrast-enhanced imaging, has been performed.

Note is again made of mild cerebellar tonsillar ectopia (Chiari 1), with no cervico-medullary compression or syrinx.
Curvilinear T2 hyperintensity at teh calloso-septal interface lies within normal limits.  Two small (4-5 mm diameter) non-specific T2 hyperintense foci are positioned int the posterior left temporal and left temporo-parietal subcortical white matter.  These are not associaated with any diffusion restriction or pathologic enhancement.
A subtle 4 x 2 mm cleft-like focus of CSF intensity is evident posteriorly in the right of the sella.  This is doubtful signifiance, possibly representing a tiny Rathke cleft cyst.
Within the Cervical Spine, an enhancing 7mm diameter T1 hypointense/T2 hyperintense nodule, centred superiorly in the left of the C7 vertebral body, most likely represents a haemangioma.  It may be worthwhile correlating this with targeted CT to exclude an aggressive vertebral lesion.
Incidental findings include mild paranasal sinus disease, mild nasopharyngeal soft tissue thickening and mild prominence fo the right thyroid lobe (with no discrete mass or nodularity).
The remainder of the study is unremarkable.

The neurologist booked me in for a CT scan and told me to come back in a couple of months.

Yeah no worries another couple of months waiting that's fine I have put up with it for 6 years another few months won't hurt (that's my sarcasm).
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I have these same symptoms on my right side. Face pain/numbness eye pain ear ache neck and headache, arm pain, leg pain and some occaisional patches of numbness on my leg and arm
I have seen a neuro who ran his basic tests - all ok - he thinks nothing is wrong although i have an MRI in 2 weeks to make sure.
I have seen 4 different GPs who dont have a clue and none of them seem to care either.
It is so frustrating i just want i diagnosis.
The same thing happened back in october, lasted a few weeks (no diagnosis) disappeared and then came back at new year and has not stopped since then
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Hi Ladies.

This is Penny again I just want to say how chilling it was when I found this web site and found out how many other people have these same syptoms (symptoms).  Why won't anyone help us.  As I said I have had this for 6 years and if I ever find 1 thing that helps relieve the pain I will go through every entry and let everyone know because I know how it wrecks your whole life.  

My pain started in my right cheek and just moved on from there and it has never stopped.
I have had doctors saying I am putting it on and I need councelling, all sorts of stuff.  Let me tell you they are only saying these things because they can't work out what is wrong with us.  

This may not mean much but I believe all of you and I feel sad for you all as well because you are just left to suffer, you are all young ladies having your lives wasted with pain.  Lets hope that one day someone will find out what is wrong and we can all be pain free.

God bless you ladies.

I have had so many brain and neck scans over the last six years that I have lost count and just in my last MRI as per my last entry a 7mm lump has been found on my C7.  I go back soon to have have a targeted CT scan to see what is going on it could be something sitting on a nerve.

I could go on for ever and ever but I won't

Goodluck to you all, Holly goodluck with your MRI.

You know how I get through some times I just think there is always someone worse off.

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Just wondering if there is anymore people that can shed any light on this??
I had my MRI on the 14th. Still not got my results back. I guess no news can only be good news right?!
I had been almost pain free for a few weeks, despite a few headaches on my right side and except my right eye which almost constantly hurts. But tonight out of the blue the pain came back again, the right side of my face, my right arm and leg. The pain in my knee and ankle joints was excrutiating at one point. Its almost gone off now but my face is stinging around my right temple and eye socket.
When i feel like this i am almost too afraid to sleep. Just in case i don't wake up....or i wake up paralysed.
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I have had many of the same symptoms on the RHS.  Mine started in my right eye. I went to a opthamologist.  My eye pressure was 60.  VERY HIGH!  Treated with prescription drops (including steroidal)   My original diagnosis was SECONDARY glaucoma because the pressure and inflammation was the symtom not the problem   She ordered several blood tests and chest xray to rule out various autoimmune diseases.      Recently saw a uveitis specialist (referred by opthalmologist).  The specialist ordered more autoimmune tests and HIGH RESOLUTION CT scan of chest..  Original xray showed small granuloma on chest.   We are currently ruling out more autoimmune.  The focus seems to be ruling out sarcoidosis.    Some of you sound like your other symptoms are the same as mine.   I have also started having really bad TMJ right side.  Dentist doesn't see any abscess, etc.   I just read that sarcoidsosis can affect the TMJ joint.     All my problems are on my right side - from the armpit to my head (sinus, eye, cheek, headache, etc etc)  After my next visit to the uveitis specialist, (reviewing the tests) she will be referring me to a rheumatologist. Hopefully my problem has helped someone here.    Make sure your rheumotogist or GP has all the test results from every doctor, dentist, etc that you have seen.   Use doctors that listen!  Good luck to all of us!
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I as well as you all have been experiencing these symptoms... it started about 8 months ago when I was told I had TMJ. After doing an exercise for my TMJ all the head problems seem to come on.. At first I was dizzy all the time my head was full of pressure and headaches after going to the doctors the thought it was allergies but not so my head became worse having sharp dull pains, warmth sensations etc, I had all the tests done CT, MRI, bloodwork, nerve tests and everything came back fine except I was told that I had some small cysts in my sinus cavity so they gave me a nose spray and that was that.. I was told that I may be experiencing tension headaches because I also had tenderness with my head it hurt to even wash it...  needless to say now I am having like tickle/twitching feeling in my nose, cheek, chin, eyes, it feels weird. I just want to feel better and feel normal again.. could this all be from TMJ and tension?? I don't know anyone have idea's please let me know!
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I have been having these symptoms too & am very frustrated w/ the docs for always saying "everything looks normal"!  Well I'm sorry, but I don't feel normal, so something obviously must be wrong!  On one of the many MRI's I've had recently they show a "Mild benign Cerebellar Tonsillar Ectopia w/o Chiari 1 malformation".  They don't think that it could be causing all of my symptoms though (debilitating HA's for over 3 wks now & horrible dizziness where sometimes I can't even walk & last few days tingling in my leg).  My MRI shows the bones in my neck are extremely straight & they're supposed to be curved.  I went to a chiropractor who specializes in putting curves back in peoples necks.  He told me he feels certain that once I get the curve back in my neck my symptoms will go away!  He said give it 3 months of twice a day physical therapy program called Pettibon.  I have just started this program & don't have any results yet, but to me, it's worth a shot b/c no other docs have any ideas on what could be causing my severe symptoms!  I'm extremely frustrated, but am holding on to this hope that the Pettibon program of Chiropractic will help save me!
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I have had varying degrees of facial pain, headache etc on right side of my face for many, many years.  (started in teens, now 67yrs old).  I have been the specialist route and diagnosed as migraine years ago with the numerous drugs prescribed.
Today, my GP suggested Lyrica.  Have any of you tried Lyrica?  If so, has it helped reduce the pain and do you feel comfortable with the drug?

Eileen in Canada
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Jesus, this is not encouraging.  I hurt my neck about four weeks ago exercising and believe that I may have torn a ligament in the back of my neck- since then I have had swelling at the site of the injury, numbness in the jaw and face, roof of the mouth, numbness on my left side, fingers and foot, difficulty focusing, headaches, trouble with my balance, etc.  I have had a neck MRI, a brain MRI with contrast, an MRA of both the head and neck with contrast, an ultra sound on the arteries in my neck, a ton of bloodwork, and visits with an opthamologist (2), a neurologist, an orthopedic, 2 GPs, all test results normal. It's a nightmare, I don't remember how it felt to wake up feeling normal.
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Hi, I'm sorry you're having such misfortune and no insurance to boot. I'm not sure where in the world you live but if it's in the U.S. try applying for medicaid. I know it's not the first thing you necessarily want to do but necessity is necessity. If you aren't able to apply then check your local hospital.Some offer low cost health programs, such as clinics and physicians and even insurance for those who are low income or meet other applicable qualifications. Right now I am without insurance and I was terrified when I lost it! Talk with your doctors about your situation, too, that may help. My neurologist discounted to $50 for office visit, rheumatologist $70, pcp no charge. I didn't sob story or lay it on thick, just the truth that my husband lost his job and I had no insurance, could I split my bill in two or three if necessary. I've been with my rheumatologist and pcp for more than 10 yrs. so they were exceptional and I was very grateful. I'm grateful to all of them for their kindness and I'm sure you'll find some who are equally kind and caring for your physical needs. Your local hospital probably has a website and you should be able to see if they offer any community health programs or can help you find one. Check the doctors office, your local department of human services or family independence agency should be able to help you. Good luck!
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Facial symptoms on the one side - have you considered Bell's palsy?

Shooting pain below my shoulder blade - have you had your gall bladder checked out?
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I have been having a lot of the same symptoms you all mentioned...anyone figure out what was wrong?  

I have my 2nd MRI of brain and cervical spine scheduled for this Friday.  First one said ALL NORMAL...well I dont feel normal.

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I have very similar symptoms.  I am 29 years old and have had TMJ for years.  Lately, it has gotten so bad that I can hardly eat.  I also have been experiencing intermintent feelings of numbness on the right side of my face.  Then, about a week ago, I noticed my right eye has started to droop.  I was frantic!  I never realized that there could be a correlation between tmj and all of these other symptoms.  I am most concerned with my eye.  You would really have to stare to notice the difference, but I'm afraid that it may get worse.  Does anyone have anymore information about this?
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Finally I found you all! I have been experiencing the same symptoms described by helpimhurtin and others. I have had TMJ for years and a wrist issue on the right side only. Then developed migraines that turned into neck pain and a "pulling" sensation in the neck that migrated to behind the shoulder blade. It's effecting my tongue which is sore and weak/pulling, and the right side of my face is droopy some days more than others. It also affects the entire right side of the body with pains and now numbness and weakness. 6 months ago it "spread" to the left side and have been slowly experiencing the same symptoms. This has been happening for about 1.5 years. This past new years eve I developed Ramsay Hunt Syndrome / Bells Palsy - the entire right side of my face went completely paralyzed. It was a rare bilateral case as I had the "shingles" on the left side as well. Now the symptoms are more progressive on the left side - that have been affecting me the right side.

I've had numerous MRI's which all come up as multiple lesions with a differential of MS or Micrioangiopathic Disease. Or my neurologist said it could account for the migraine headaches.

I've not only had neurological problems but other health issues as well. I do feel that this is caused by some nerve being pinched in the neck area or shoulder area.

I'm hoping someone will find some answers soon! I'm having an MRI of my sinuses done this Friday. I'm wondering if I should have a full CT done to check my vertebrae  - this is something I avoided because of the high level of radiation. But after reading this forum it looks like their could be a link!

I will keep updating this post if I make any progress.
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Has anyone found any solutions or diagnoses?? Any updates?
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I have had right side facial pain, deep ear pain, neck and shoulder pain, and eye drooping, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, blurred vision that has progressively worsened over the course of 3 years and been told I have TMJ and migraines from TMJ. I have taken all kinds of antiinflammatories, migraines meds, etc. I have been to several doctors, emt, dentists, oral surgeons, chiropractor, etc. Just recently I had a CT and MRI with and without contrast and my doctor finally referred me to a neurologist. My CT did not show much but was abnormal so I had the MRI. The MRI showed several lesions that were said to be possible MS plaque. When I talked to the Neurologist last week he said along with my other symptoms, that this was his major concern. I had 18 vials of blood drawn for labs and next week I go for other diagnostic nerve tests and a spinal test. You should look into MS and trigeminal neuralgia. The Neuro told me sometimes the beginning stages of MS present thimselves as Trigeminal Neuralgia.
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I have been in pain now for 18 months with many of the symptoms everyone's listing (TMJ, neck pain, tingling in hands).

I just wanted to suggest that people check out myofascial pain syndrome. Trigger points in your muscles can cause anything from TMJ to drooping eyelids and blurred vision.

I have started trying ultrasound therapy with an osteopath and fingers crossed it will help a little.

Hope everyone gets some help soon.
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I just tried Echinacea on a hunch that this may be a mutated form of the herpes, chicken pox, meningitis, or shingles virus, because that virus likes to live in nerve cells.  Echinacea is an herbal home remedy for viruses.

After about 15 minutes after taking Echinacea, the numbness has subsided and life is tolerable again, although it's not totally gone.  I think I'm going to try this daily, every morning and night, until the bottle is gone, I think I'm on to something.

This makes me think an anti-viral medicine for meningitis, chicken pox, or herpes might be the miracle cure.  Now it will be a miracle if I can convince a doctor to give me some.
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Note: don't take Echinacea at the same time as taking anti-viral drugs.
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Hi everyone it's Penny again.

You poor darlings why can no one help us.  I have just been back to another doctor who is sending me to a specialist to test me for something called Fibromyalgia.  I went to a website and downloaded the e-books some of the information in this book is amazing it does cost you though about $60 dollars it is well worth the read.  I have just started trying some things out of this book at the moment I will let you know how I go.  I don't see the specalist until the 4th of August 2010 (always takes so long to be able to get into see anyone).  Some of the Symptoms of Fribomyalgia are

the most common
symptoms include:
• Widespread muscular and joint pain (this is the
primary symptom)
• Highly localized pain
• Morning stiffness
• “Brain fog” (feeling of confusion, loss of short term
• Fatigue
• Headaches / migraines
• Hypoglycemia
• Interstitial cystitis
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Weight gain
• Vision problems / dizziness
• Nerve pain
• Sensitivity of the skin
• Sleep disturbances

However, before jumping to the conclusion that you have
Fibromyalgia because of the symptoms you’re experiencing please
note that there are other disorders with similar symptoms to
Fibromyalgia and your physician should be the one to make the
determination on whether or not you suffer from Fibromyalgia… or
something else. Other conditions with similar symptoms are:
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Lupus
• Lyme disease
• Mercury toxicity
• Thyroid disease
• Vitamin B12 deficiency
• Arthritis
• Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Receiving a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia can be very much a process
of elimination.

Goodluck guys I just had another MRI today I get the results back next week.  Keep your chin up hopefully together we can help each other find a diagnosis even if there is not cure we might be able to manage the pain if we knew what it was.

God Bless You ALL :o)

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Sorry to read ALL these people with, so much pain and doctors who don't seem to help.
See (The Facial Pain Association)
A friend who suffers from the pain,  numbness,  tmj, the drooping eye,  headaches, ALL of it, sent me the info below. All of her issues are from her jaw joint, and no one caught it until a maxio-cranial facial surgeon was consulted.
It's long, has a bit of a "tone", but take what you like from it.  Read BEYOND the TMJ parts, see TN, Headache and other facial pain insights.


TMJ or jaw joint dysfunction, is the major and usually the only cause of your suffering. Your doctors, including neurologist, have simply not received the dental training required to be able to diagnose TMJ problems and how they relate to your migraine or headache pain. Physicians just don't know enough about it. Furthermore, many dentists jump on the bandwagon thinking that they can cure these ailments, only to find that they lack the skill and experience to get the job done.
Once you find the right specialist, your recovery and elimination of pain is virtually assured!
Involvement of the Trigeminal nerve
The reason that the TMJ and your jaws cause migraines and other head pain problems is due to the fact that the trigeminal nerve is one of the most complex and powerful nerves in the human body. It is very closely associated to the TMJ and completely responsible for your jaw and tooth functions. It feeds sensation and function to your jaws, face, tongue, sinus, palate, eyes, teeth, and lips.
The trigeminal accounts for over 40% of the brain's processing.  The trigeminal also has innervation and control over certain areas of the brain itself.
The trigeminal nerve is also "married" to the facial, hypoglossal, and vagus nerves. These nerves control sensation and function of almost all other muscles of your head, neck, and throat. The facial nerve is also intimately associated with the TMJ. Many branches of these nerves pass through or around the TMJ. "Upsetting" any of these 4 nerves usually ends up disturbing the other three.

Migraine: This could be undiagnosed TMJ compression and disk dislocation or the reasons could be complex. A long time ago this patient's jaw joint became dysfunctional. The natural, protective disk of the joint slowly resorbed over time and the jaw joint is now rubbing less than 1/16 of an inch away from the brain tissue. This jaw joint "bangs" on the underside of the brain over 5,000 times a day (every time she chews, swallows, yawns, laughs, eats, speaks, etc.) This patient usually has no signs of any TMJ pain or problems. The physician or dentist may do a quick TMJ exam and find absolutely nothing wrong. This patient may not have ever had any signs of TMJ popping, clicking, or pain. There may never have been any signs of jaw or jaw joint problems. However, upon reading a proper transcranial x-ray there is undeniable proof that the joint is damaged and responsible for mediating the migraine problem. It is like the story of the frog in the pot: put a frog in a lukewarm pot and bring it to boil slowly, the frog will boil to death. However, throw a frog into a boiling pot and the frog will jump out to save itself. Some patients may experience TMJ problems at one point or another, while other people are simply not aware of the problem happening in their own body. The body simply adapts to the problem due to the fact that the joint is used over 5,000 times a day. The joint becomes "numb" or "dumb", but the pain is relayed to other parts of the body.

In some patients, the joint itself may hurt or pop and click. This is normally seen during the early stages of some headache sufferers. After a while the noises and joint pain may go away, but the joint continues to undergo damage. It just becomes quiet and the pain gets transmitted to the other parts of the head. The patient who experiences once a month headaches, along with a poppin joint, eventually becomes the twice a week headache patient with no joint noises.

Vision: The trigeminal nerve is responding to a muscle and jaw joint compression by irritation of its maxillary/opthalmic division. The problem is not even close to the eye. It is usually found within a damaged jaw joint or an abnormal muscle/jaw function.
ENT: The jaw joint is less that 1/4 inch away from your ear. Over 5,000 times per day that joint "bangs" on your ear. Take away the protective disk, and there is not much left to keep your ears from hurting. The trigeminal and facial nerves have many branches that project into the ear. Even the slightest dysfunction can cause the ears to hurt.
The trigeminal nerve feeds the sinuses and palate. Improper function of this nerve, along with muscular dysfunction cause the sinuses to act problematically. The muscles of your jaws attach to your sinuses. Upset muscles cause sinus problems! Upset muscles cause nerve dysfunction, and vice versa.
Irritation to the trigeminal or facial nerve can cause symptoms in distant areas to the other nerves. It is not uncommon for patients with TMJ problems to have burning throats, difficulty swallowing, or other abnormalities of the throat.

Most medications for headaches try to cure symptoms instead of causes.  The problem behind what physicians coin as "vascular headaches" is that they forget to find what causes the distension and the blood flow changes, to begin with. The simple explanation is found by reviewing  the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is so overworked in headache patients that a common diagnosis we find is RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy). In other words the body is constantly on the accelerator, breaking down...because the parasympathetic system is not given a chance to work and bring balance to the body. This happens as a result of joint damage, stressful life, smoking, irritability, and other factors that contribute to a stressed body. The body is "on fire"! Treatment must be aimed at changing the lifestyle. If there is true joint damage, then treatment must also correct this, because the joint damage may be causing the stress.
In a patient with joint damage, the vascular changes are clearly evident and diagnosable.

Trauma: Car accidents, even at velocities as low as 9 mph, can result in whiplash which cause dislocation of the jaw joint. The dislocation may cause immediate signs and symptoms of TMJ pain, or it can take years for the problem to surface. Remember the boiling frog! Some people do not exhibit immediate signs of jaw joint dislocation, because it may take time for the protective disk to resorb and cause dysfunction of the jaw joint area. The disk slowly resorbs and the patient feels no pain. However, as the protective mechanism of the disk is lost, the jaw joint starts to rub on the skull bone/brain tissue and the body starts to exhibit signs of pain transmitted as migraines or headaches. Basically, the jaw joint remains symptomless because you use it so many times during the day (over 5,000 times) that your brain adapts to its underlying problem. Remember, the joint becomes "dumb." The nervous sytem, on the other hand, being mediated by the trigeminal and facial nerves, starts to make the body aware of the problem. That's when the headaches begin!

GERD: The vagus nerve and hypoglossal nerves are responsible for swallowing. The trigeminal is responsible for chewing. Take the nerves out of balance and your digestion system will eventually break down. Over 50% of your digestion starts and completes in the mouth. Improper nerve and muscle function of your jaws will eventually lead to other digestive problems. In some patients, we even see signs of respiratory problems develop. This may be due more to a component of the pain cycle, but it is obvious.

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just another low income,underinsured patient suffering with severe tmj. i tried getting some assistance thru what is called health share through a local agency. but surprise surprise there are no docs that are willing to treat me. they did send me to a local dentist who did panoramic exray and i was told that the upper right side of my jaw is gone and the left joint is worn down. it is so bad i can no longer eat. life is so wonderful
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I've posted on SEVERAL other forums looking for help.  I am 25 years old male that has severe pain on the left side of my face/head/eyes/jaw/neck.  I've been suffering from it since I was 13 years old.  I've been looking up Trigeminal neuralgia and you can read about it at:

You can also see where the pain flows through the Trigeminal Nerves in the face (copy and paste the link into your broswer):,700&um=1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=463&oei=3DBHTbLyOsnGgAfbsN3BAQ&esq=3&page=2&ndsp=32&ved=1t:429,r:24,s:32&tx=59&ty=28&biw=1440&bih=727

I've been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Fibro, Lyme, blah blah - and I just know that I have TN.  I had a doctor dismiss it without doing ANY research and I am going to pursue this and see if I can get a doctor to properly look into it being TN.

Just read from the link I supplied and I hope it helps us all.  I've been doing a ton of research for the past hour or so and I am really worn out...but I wanted to share in the hopes that it helps someone out here...

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I am 30, and I have all of those same symptoms on my left side. My shoulder hurts CONSTANTLY, and is always giving me a headache. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with TMJ, but since then, I have been diagnosed with migraines, a pinched nerve in my shoulder, cluster headaches, anxiety; you name it, I have been diagnosed with it. However, none of the medications they have prescribed have helped at all. The only thing that has toned it down a bit is antidepressants. I have a feeling that they don't actually help the pain, they just help me to deal with it. When my shoulder began hurting, I thought it was an injury from Jiujitsu, but my doctor refused to x-ray it, saying that it was just a "little inflammation." It has steadily progressed to a constant pain down my back, up my neck, and into my jaw/face. I, too, have those numb sensations in my face. My eye twitches, my ear hurts, and I always have left eye pain. If anyone has found any answers, please please let me know. I think my dr is a jackass, and I am searching for someone else to see, but have had no luck.
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I read your comments and felt fear and frustration. I have had pain in neck and facial pain which started 2 years ago. I have had dental work done, tooth pulled, etc... trying to determine the pain, but now new specialized dentist believes it sympathetic nerve dysfunction.  I looked on the RSDS website and could see how diverse this issue is. My question is about suppot groups. Is there a list of support groups ?  I'm in Memphis, TN. I saw the middle TN web address and I'm sending e-mail to them, but wondered if there is a better support system.  Thank you.

Janice Jordan
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Just wondering if anyone has found any relief or had any success with finding out the root cause of these issues?
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I have irtractedable back pain i have had pain and numness on my rite side and very bad pain on the right side of my head 2 so bad it felt like it was going 2 expoled open and I have been dizzy and felt/feel like my body is cut in half and it's not mine I have been to hospital after hospital and no1 seems 2 know what's going on I have also started 2 lose my hair and still no1 can understand y I seem 2 have all this pain and never getting to the bottom isn't there a way that some1 who just keeps get worse and is 32 with a 9 yr old child have a Docture do all the test possible 2 get 2 the bottom of all this.? It's been like this since 1999 and still no1 seems 2 know what's going on and say it's something that it's not when I say I feel like I have 2 different parts that make 1 body well that's what it feels like sometimes u c the 2 parts of me on the very bad days of pain my face shifts and look like I broke my face on the right side so y is it that unless am very rich I won't get help b4 it's 2 late.
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I had similar symptoms and went from Dr to Dr I finally did go back to primary Dr who suggested a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia after an exam.  
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That is how much of a dirty world we live in. They dont feel your pain so they dont care. I am in your same exact shoes. I literally have to force doctors to do certain procedures on me. The next procedure I will force my doctor to do is a MRA. It sounds like it might finally give me some answers.
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