Facial Twitching
by Tasty, Oct 03, 2005
The right side of my face has been twitching for the past two years and has progressively gotten worse. It started out in my Rt. eyelid, then under my Rt. eye now it even pulls the right corner of my mouth upwards. These twitches are sometimes so strong I can hear the movement of the muscle or nerve.  My Doctor hasn't any idea whats causing this. I do have diabetes and high blood pressure and have been taking meds. for both for the past year. Also I have had whiplash 3 times, and see a chiropractor when the pain in my neck & shoulder gets unbearable. He uses the Pro-Adjuster and after my last visit it seemed my twitches were'nt as bad for a day or two.  Please help me to figure out whats causing this before I go crazy from twitching.
by CCF-Neuro-M.D.-PW, Oct 06, 2005
You may have a relatively common neurological problem called hemi-facial spasm. In this disorder, the root of the facial nerve that supplies the muscles of one sided of the face is irritated and continuously fires causing the contractions. Many times this is cuased by a 'vascular loop' - a blood vessel in teh region of the nerve root compressing the nerve and irritating it. This can be assessed by an MR angiogram or dye angiogram. Surgery (the Jannetta procedure) can cure it. See your local neurologist for this possiblity.

Good luck
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by MissTic, Oct 03, 2005
I have facial tics that have been pretty severe, for years.

I've dislocated my jaw on both sides, a few times, from very painful twitching.
For the past couple of years I have been going to a neurologist who has been treaing me with Botox Injections.
The Botox is so successful and has reduced my ticcing by 90%.

I still get sensory tics, which are like little shocks of nerve and muscular pain in my head and neck. Sometimes these shocks are dull,painful and lingering, other times they are just little bursts of sharp pain whipping through my brain for a brief moment.

I don't take any meds other than Clonazapam and the occassional Advil. All the other meds that I've been put on for Tourette's and OCD, which seems to come with the territory, have only made my brain feel like it was going to explode.

The Botox has been the best thing yet for me. I get a treatment every 3 months and get approx. 3 vials' worth.

One thing I have learnt, is that Botox is very effective and safe as long as you go to a neurologist who specializes in Botox for Tourette's and other movement disorders.

Because I get botox for medical reasons, rather than cosmetic, I don't have to pay for it, other than 2$/treatment. Insurance pays for it. Check that out with your insurance company and doctor(s), if you are interested.
by suzanne L., Oct 03, 2005
ALSO PLEASE PLEASE answer the question - are tongue twitches of any more concern that other twitches in the body? I have heard they are common in the scenario of a benign fascis (BFS) diagnosis...and then i have heard that they are really not a part of BFS...are they more worrisome???
by MissTic, Oct 04, 2005
Tongue twitches I get often, in the form of sticking my tongue out, the back of my tongue curling in the back of my mouth, blocking my airway and swallowing and twitches on the sides of my tongue. I have had this tic all my long life.

Botox injections around my jaw and sides of my ears and neck,stops the twitching in my tongue.

But if you haven't yet, ask your doctor about the type of tongue twitching y0u get.

by Bno, Oct 29, 2005
A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.  I knew that there was more to it than that, because I had had five jaw surgeries, and this felt like more jaw problems.  On March 30, I was operated on for Eagle's syndrome, anklosis of my jaw, removed failed rib implant, and to have a new prosthesis for my jaw.  After the surgery, my eye was able to blink.  It had not blinked since the initial paralysis.  I have had lingering problems.  The left side of my mouth is still very weak and sometimes my seft eye looks funny.  When I chew, my eye goes into spasms.  I have just learned to live with this, and I do exercise the left side of my mouth.

Today, I began feeling twitching near my scalp.  I feel kind of like I have a band around my forehead.  I can't see anything on my forehead.  I just feel this strange sensation.  I must mention that I am diabetic and am not able to take the medicine they give diabetics.  I have been working hard the past several days to get my blood sugar down.  It is staying in the range of 140 or below.

I have had this sensation in my forehead twice before.  Once, after I had a brain concussion and a few months ago when I was having therapy for the Bell's palsy.  Can you tell me what could be causing this sensation, please?
by NoseTwitch, Nov 20, 2005
My nose has a spasm that occurs CONSTANTLY.  Based on a nose anatomy diagram, it is located between the nasion and rhinion portion of my nose on the left side only.  My nose has been twitching constantly now for over 2 years.  When I say constantly, I mean every day all day long with only brief moments of rest.  It drives me crazy to the point of if it's not present, I feel abnormal.  Very rarely my lower left eye will twitch as a result, but it's predominantly the left side of my nose.  Can anyone offer a solution or cause?  

Thanks in advance.
by candice1964, Nov 24, 2005
In 1999 I was diagnosed with M.S..  For the past 3 months having facial twitching (right side) - eye, cheek and right side of mouth.  Had an EEG which showed abnormalities to the left of the brain.  Had an MRI which showed a lesion in the left temporal lope area.  Given Apo-Lorazepam and Tegretol which does not seem to be working that well. Do you feel maybe there is something else going on in the brain.?
by NoseTwitch, Apr 14, 2008
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by Sis95, Sep 08, 2008
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