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Feel my Head and hands are hot
I have been through really difficult time recently because my wife was sick. So I could not sleep much for the last 4 months until now.

But during the last 2 weeks...

My head and hands feel hot sometimes, especially at night.
No fever
My neck get stiff
My face looks white
Sometimes my nose and the part between my eyes gets red
I am a computer tech so I can sit sometimes for long.

I lost around 8 pounds during the last month

I went to the emergency room because I felt daisy and my spine on the top of my back was burning. I could not move my neck much. Finally I decide to put ice and everything went away after 1 hour.

He told me it is a panic attack and gave me some relax pills. My blood test return normal. I am waiting for my std and thyroid test from my family doctor.

So is it possible that a spine injury could cause that?
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