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Feeling sick with bad taste in mouth.
I didn't know what topic I should put. I have several diagnoses. I have FM,spinal stenosis, cervical and lumbar, with bulging disk,I have migraines,bursitis,feet problems and carpal tunnel in both hands, just had surgery on the right hand with no success. I have an appointment to see an ortho dr. about that.
I take 40mg oxycotin ER when I wake up, and in the evening, and I take vicodin for breakthrough pain about 6 in a day. I also take cymbalta, lisinapril and prempro for menapause (severe hot flashes).
I don't know why but in the last week or so I have been feeling sick to my stomach everyday with severe weakness and muscle aches. I'm also concerned that I get twitches all over my body when I'm in a rest mode. I don't know if thats my meds or what. And I have a bad taste in the back of my throat.
Should I be concerned about all this? It seems that when I have several things going on with me I get scared that it could be all related to one thing. Oh and I forgot to mention I recently had a MRI on my brain because of my migraines and the dr. told me I have unusual spots on my brain and they don't look like anything serious. I will be seeing that dr. the end of June.
Should I be worried?
I mentioned all my meds because I thought it could determine whether they could be side affects. I have been on them for a year now.
I hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you.
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