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Feet Problems (numbness, tingling, burning sensations and shooting pain...
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Feet Problems (numbness, tingling, burning sensations and shooting pains)

My name is Tre, I’m 33, I weight 310 lbs and I am  5’11”. I am experiencing numbness, tingling, burning sensations and shooting pains in both feet. The pain is confined to the ball of my feet and on my toes. I had a brain tumor removed at age 2. I have high blood pressure, and I work third shift where I am on my feet for eight hours. Rather standing, walking, or lying down, the pain in my feet can not be ignored.
Right now I am nursing a hernia, and as part of my pain prevention I have been taking Tylenol pain reliever for the last 3months. I have take close to 35 Tylenol pills at 500mg a week. That is over 400 Tylenols up to date. I function on average 3 hours of sleep a day.
I have tried soaking my feet in ice water, steaming hot water, even massages. Nothing seems to reduced the pain, the pain even gets greater whenever I attempt to sleep. What could be causing these issues. No one in my family have diabetes, but the majority of my family do have high blood pressure.

Thanks for taking the time to read my question. Looking forward to reading your opinion.

Mr. Tre-
aka: My Dawgs Are Killing Me

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