Fingers burning sensation
by Zara1101, Feb 04, 2011
Hi there,

I have the painful burning feeling in my left hand specially fingertips. This burning sensation is continuing more than 1 hour now and it makes me worry that if I require immediate medical attention or I can visit a neurologist later since it's midnight here now. Here is the symptom I have:
-burning feeling in fingers associated with a little pain in my elbow
-finger numbness, I tried to calm the burning feeling which have raised the temperature my fingers with holding ice cube in my hand for a while but I couldn't feel the coldness at all!
-right now, my hands are not burning that much as 1 hour ago (the burning feeling is reduced), but I feel tightness/toughness in my fingers, tiredness in my wrist and stretches in my ring finger and index finger up to the elbow muscles, and a little pain from my forearm to the fingertips.

I wonder what I should do at this moment? What can relieve this feeling? and What could be the cause? and if I need to get a medical care right now?

Thank you very much for your advices!

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