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Focal slowing of EEG
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Focal slowing of EEG

I had an EEG 28 days post-accident (blow to head when cargo in truck collapsed on top of me) which showed focal slowing in the left temporal lobe.  Clinical corrolation was recommended according to the report.  Several months later I had an ambulatory 24 hr EEG which was normal.  

  Since then I have had episodes of loss of conciousness, preceded by a metallic taste in my mouth and a sense of confusion.  Now the doctor says he doesn't think its seizures.

  What does the focal slowing mean?  What would cause that?  Should I seek out a second opinion?

Thanks for your help.
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Dear Andrew:

Focal slowing on an EEG recording usually means that that area of the brain is not active electrically as it should be.  This can be due to a traumatic event, the area is post ictal (seizure occurred and now the brain is less responsive), a previous insult such as a stroke, a brain malformation, etc.  Slowing does not mean epileptic activity.  The repeat EEG is comforting in that it suggests that when the second EEG was performed, that area of the brain is electrically back to normal.

Repetitive events can mean several things, such as migraine headaches, seizures, behaviors (such as tics), anxiety driven events, and dystonia.  You may want to ask your neurologist if you can have a sleep deprived EEG.  If this is normal, then I would suspect that your events are not epileptic events.


CCF Neuro MD
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