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Full Body Twitch
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Full Body Twitch

Hello everyone!

Lately I've been looking around the internet for some advice about these "twitches" I've been getting, but I haven't been able to find any other posts that seem to describe the same thing I'm getting. So I thought I'd make my own post.

A little medical background: I'm a 20 yr old female on birth control, not pregnant, relatively healthy because I eat well and like to exercise, I am a college student but I promise you I'm not at all stressed (its hard to stress me out) which I only mention because on other threads I've noticed that many people relate similar symptoms to stress. I haven't had any major or even minor injuries, I do get sick somewhat often with infections, and I have a bulging disc pushing on my sciatic nerve

The twitches: Now to the good stuff. So for a few months now, I'd say maybe four or five, I've been having these full body twitches that are getting progressively more intense and frequent. They happen both when I'm falling asleep, when I'm sitting in class, when I'm doing homework - but never when I'm walking around etc. What happens is my entire body simultaneously 'seizes' into one twitch/convulsion. Just one. And I can tell when its about to happen because just a second before the twitch I can feel my entire body instantly feel overwhelmed with energy. Too much energy, almost as if for that one second I might go completely insane because the amount of energy coursing through my body is literally too much for me to handle, then...I have my twitch! How many I have in a 'sitting' can vary. While typing this I'd say I have at least one a minute. It can be more or less, though on average I'd say they are becoming more frequent.

The twitches are by no means interfering with my daily life. And people in my classrooms find them extremely entertaining. But they are starting to seriously annoy me. Its hard to fall asleep, I wake my partner up, and more than anything that feeling of overwhelming energy is extremely unsettling and starting to drive me crazy.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks!
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Dear Andy, welcome to the medhelp forum. I can understand your concern over your medical condition. Though there is no reason to be alarmed, you need to be checked by a physician soon since this could mean serious neurological disorder too. Muscle twitches are due to involuntary contractions of muscle fibers in the body. Usually these could be due to dietary deficiency needing an electrolytes assessment, caffeine overdose, stress and anxiety causing eyes and calves to twitch which you mentioned is not your case, or a side effect of steroids, hormones like estrogens, possible in the birth control pills. Over exertion and benign twitches could also be the reason. Your physician would do blood tests to check for electrolytes, thyroid hormone levels, nerve conduction study and MRI brain and spine. The concern is neurological conditions like muscular dystrophy, myopathy of affected group of muscles etc.
You are welcome with any further clarifications. Wish you all the best.
Hi there, just read your post after looking for a cause of my full body twitches.

Your description is down to a t the same as my issue.
It has been a few years I have had it, although it has become worse over the past year.
I also sometimes just get one, or I can have up to 10 in a few minutes.
My friends used to say I would fit in my sleep, but my belief is it was just these groups of twitches.

I hope you find a reason for it at some point.
I haven't mentioned it to my doctors simply because it generally doesn't affect my day to day life, bar getting the odd look from people when it happens, to which i just tell them to egnore it.

Im quiet worried its starting to happening when I am working though. Although I do have a problem with using all my sugar up and having fainting spells (but ive been told thats common for young women)

I'm also 20 and active. I was on the pill for a while also although it doesn't seem to have affected the twitching.
I do have anxiety but I know that these twitches aren't stressed as they happen without trigger.

Hope you find a reason x
I have exactly what you described! I am 16 and currently doing GCSE at boarding school. I was wondering if these twitches were stress related but it doesn't feel like that. I am a but worried about them and have no idea why they are coming. I haven't told my parents although last time I was home they saw but i try to not do it around them. I was on propanalol but stopped taking it as it made me tried... if you find any more out let me know please.
I have the same problem. I am 13 years old and at random times in school my entire body just twitches. I don't know how or when it started but it gets me really worried at times. I haven't told anyone because it doesn't affect me too much but now it happens more and more often. I haven't had a blood test in so long and I am frightened to see what would come out if I get one. I am not really stressed at all so I have no idea what is causing the twitching.
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