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Full Body Twitching
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Full Body Twitching

I suddenly, overnight started having full body twitching. I notice it more while resting. I suspect it goes on while sleeping because I am so very tired. I first noticed it in my fingers and then it rapidly moved over my entire body. I had a headache for three days but is is gone now.
I take HRT for hormones and a baby aspirin nightly.
I had an MRI and CAT which were fine. All my bloodwork is in the normal levels.
Cholestrol is high though.
This has been going on now for 6 weeks and I am exhausted. I wake up several time nightly only getting may5 hours of sleep. I am not really sure how much.  
My Neurologist says he sees no reason from my MRI and CAT for this. He had no answer. My PCP is stumped also.
Where do I go. I cannot continue living like this.

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well, the twitching is called neuromuscular fasciculation.   fancy words for a muscle jerking all by itself, without your help.  Now...  let me think...  I have neuromuscular fasciculation, paresthesia sets in after long periods in my hands and feet (your hands and feet go to sleep in a bad bad way... )  anywho.  i have low back pain (i could not stand up for 5 days...)  uhmmm neck pain.  I was bit by a tic.  uhmm anyway.  a tic could have bit you and fell off in the woods, you might not have noticed.  
  my doctor looked at my lyme tests and said some parts were very high, and some very low, so he thinks i have either got 'light lyme' <- whatever the * that is, or that I may have early onset of a disease called lou gehrig's disease.  
  they put me on doxycycline for about a month (i spent my last $300 bucks) i am poor and unemployed, and currently staying with a friend (wonderful right?)  
  so anyways...  i got this cheap herb off the net called cats-claw (yes that makes me instantly a crackpot doesnt it?)  anyway, it works for a little while, then you have to take more.
  i take it, i sleep normally, the nmf leaves, the parestheisa leaves, the mental confusion leaves, the low back pain leaves, the neck pain leaves, the joint and muscle pain leave, the feelings of dislocation of the self also leave.
   i think ( and i am not a dr. ) but i think that what may be going on here is that the lyme disease is mutating somehow, and this form i have is only partially showing up on the lyme test.  i could be wrong, i dont know if living things like spirochetes and bacteria can mutate, im not a geneticist or a biologist.  but if they can mutate, then i may have a new strain of lyme.
   i hope and pray president obama's national healthcare comes through, so i can be treated like a person, rather than, (what did they call me at the hospital, o... ), an indigent.
   i went to the emergency room, b/c a friend brought me some crutches so i could walk, and they gave me a shot of morphine and sent me home, a few days later i went back and begged for a prescription for antibiotics, b/c the doctor said they could not test me or treat me for lyme disease there. (which i understand)  The dr. finally gave me the doxy script then i went to another doctor ( i earned a little bit of money) and he did the lyme test which is why he says i have 'light lyme'.  anyway.
    while i was at the hospital, i actually heard dr's in the hall talking about another person with no insurance and they said "we can't refuse treatment, but we can ask for the money up front." and the other dr said "yeah, then she'll think she has to pay us, so she'll just leave."  (they were talking about a female patient that had been brought in)
   i had no idea medicine was that commercialized in the usa.  anyway, it's easy to see why they dont want to treat me with $40,000.00 dollars worth of rifampicin antibiotics.  i'm a poor person, with no money, no insurance, and no job, and hospitals have to pay for all their stuff, it's not free.  so to even stay in business they have to charge a lot of money.
   also the e.r. is for trauma, not for primary care.  well anyway.  let's scratch all this, and get back to the main point.  
   i actually found a tick on me, and my friend burned it to get it off, it had been on an estimated 2 days, which was b/c we were hunting in the woods 2 days before i found it on my right back.  a mysterious circle bruise did appear on my stomach though.  not a bullseye rash which is typical of traditional lyme disease, but a bruise like someone had punched me that was oval shaped.  keep in mind some people dont develop a rash or a bruise at all...  so it really means nothing toward lyme if you dont have one.
  ahhh nice, while i was typing this a muscle in my left elbow started the twitchy dance.
i hope you dont have lyme, i hope i dont have lyme.
LASTLY: i've been reading a tremendous amount of articles on the net people are posting about lyme disease.  but... i google for them by the same symptoms i have, and it keeps coming up lyme lyme lyme.  the nmf, the paresthesia, loss of self, low back pain, neck pain, bit by a tic - so it seems like the evidence is HIGHLY pointing to a modified version of the original lyme bacteria.   since i've found thousands of people with these same symptoms.  
also, keep in mind that you may not have all the symptoms i do, or they may not have developed yet, mine developed with a month after the tick bite slowly, progressively getting worse.  b/c i can't afford good healthcare, i have to resort to vitamin sales on ebay.  you may be able to get good healthcare in your location of the usa.  but above all this, try this cats-claw herb, and see if it helps.  i live day to day on this stuff.
  i crush it up (it tastes horrible) and i drink it mixed with something like sweet tea.  if i go a week without taking some, all my symptoms come back really bad, and I am out of doxycycline and money.  just try it, it's like 10 bucks a bottle, maybe it can sustain you until obama's national healthcare plan comes into effect.  while doxycycline is really cheap, and works really well for me, i can't keep paying my doctor 90 to 150 dollars a visit so this just helps me get by, and i hope it helps you too.  :)
  "Life is a banquet and some poor souls are starving to death..." - Auntie Mame
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