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Funny taste in mouth
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Funny taste in mouth

  Hi, I have a pretty severe neuropathy - in all my extremities including face, tongue and lips, weakness and ataxia.  Lately along with the tingling and numbness in my lips and tongue, I have been also getting a metallic-like taste in my mouth. Could this have anything to do with the neuropathy?  If not, any idea of what else can be causing it? I am also having bad headaches, and feeling like I'm too weak to stand.  Is there any connection to neuropathy? Thank you!
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Taste sensation is mediated by nerves to the taste buds on the tongue, just
as are other sensations like touch and pain sensations.
For this reason, if you already have problems in this are it is possible
that the taste abnormality is also related to the underlying neuropathy.
Taste problems may be related to certain prescription medications so I
would suggest that if you are taking any medication you review the posible
side effects with the person who prescribes them as this is an alternative
In particular one class of blood pressure / heart failure medication called
ACE inhibitors can cause this problem.
Given that you already have a problem with abnormal sensory perception in
this area the likelehood hoewever, is that this is the underlying cause.
I cannot relate headaches directly to the neuropathy but muscle wealness
may be related as part of the underlying process.
Obviously a great deal of information including a detailed neurological
examination would be required to answer this part of your question.

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