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Funny things happening inside my head??
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Funny things happening inside my head??

Hello all i dont know if anyone can give me some advice i dont know if im turning mad or something and i have had alot going on of late i have been getting this funny things happen i dont have to be alone and its not when its quiet for example it happened this morning i was getting ready and suddenly in my head everything sounded louder from me brushing my hair to putting face cream on it was  as though everything was 1000% times louder then it should be, getting dressed i could physically hear everything even the smallest noise you wouldnt usually hear or notice.   It made me feel very very odd and like i wanted to scream...... i felt a bit worried about what was happening and that i needed to just get out..... it lasted about 30minutes.  This doesnt happen everyday but its starting to happen more and more often as times going on.  

I dont know what more to write which may be relevent for anything? I have cin1 which is under investigation and perminant watch.   I also have been suffering with breathing issues and been put on a blue ventolin inhalier as asthma is in my family the dr believes i may have seasonal athsma.  I feel like i cannot breath sometimes then go into a coughing fit until i use the pump then i feel a bit better.

Other then that theres not much more i can think of unless anything further would help anyone with advice?   Sometimes i get a sharp sensation pain in my head that makes me hold my head and say ouch..... im not one to get migranes (migraines) or many headaches but i do suffer with headaches sometimes.

not sure if anyone can help?
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Hey Madisonsmum10.
Magnesium deficiencies may cause this.
Have you had your Magnesium levels checked lately?
You may be surprised to find that your levels are very low.
About 75%-80% of all people in Western Societies have a Mg deficiency.
It will not show on blood tests as the magnesium in the blood is only 1%.
The 99% of it is in the tissues. So a mineral tissue analysis or hair analysis will reveal any deficiencies.
If you need details on a great way to supplement let me know as i have this down to a science.
Usually supplementation is inefficient and problematic.
Also high levels of stress could be a factor with your sound super-sensitivity.
The amygdala- part of the brain- which is linked to a person's mental and emotional state sometimes  some of its neurons may become dysfunctional, then  auditory response to fear (the amygdala is responsible for conditioning fear response to sound) may get heightened, thus the hypersensitivity in hearing. The cause is unknown, however, emotional events, excessive stress could be factors.
Stress reduction, using therapy-most efficient is Hypnotherapy-,meditation,proper breathing techniques- improper breathing could be  because of your asthma.  Asthma issues could be addressed at the root level-emotional,enviromental (allergies). Check the normal breathing website and also into the Buteyko
breathing technique that has helped hundreds of thousands of asthma sufferers control or cure asthma.
I think i gave you enough to check out on your own.
If you need details, let me know. Post again or pm me directly.
And try not to worry about your cin1, as it only affects seriously a small percentage. It must be monitored closely though,just in case.
Wish you well.
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thank you i shall book an appt to see my dr to get this looked into many thanks again
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