by proteinshake, Mar 04, 2009
Ok, I'm not the type of person to really worry or stress out, but I have felt a little more stressed than normal with work and school - nothing majot though.  In any event, two weeks ago I got a slight cold and thats when I really started noticing more concerning symptoms - a constant light pressure of the right side of my head, a fuzzy-headed feeling, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, tight/stiff upper neck and back, fatigue, etc.  I never really felt that sick, just a general feeling of being out of it.  This has been going on for about 2 weeks now and I'm becoming concerned.  It seems that as the day progresses, my head "fuzziness" seems to worsen.  

I have never had a good memory compared to other people, but over the past month or so, I've noticed that I've become increasingly forgetful.  An example of this would be that I'd put sugar in my coffee and 2 seconds later, not remember if I did.  It seems to be just my immediate memory that is a problem.  

In general, I do not feel sick other than a slight runny nose - no sinus pressure, no nausea or fever.  I just feel "out of it", not as sharp as I should be.  

I just had blood work done and I'm seeing a neurologist and getting an MRI.  Any help in diagnosing me would be helpful!  I am very concerned, as internet searches of symtoms yield conditions from stress to meningitis to brain tumors.  


Please also note that there is not a family history of cancer.  

Here's a summary of my symptoms:

 Job/School - could be caousing some minor stress
 Upper respiratory sickness – runny nose, sneezing, congestion, brown mucus, pressure behind right eye, congestion in ears – This is when I really started noticing the other symptoms
 Forgetfulness – forgetting where I put stuff, what I just did – immediate memory problems
 Lack of Concentration, short attention span – Hard to keep focused on tasks, especially when studying for school
 Hard to find the right words sometimes
 Fuzzy head feeling – light headedness, not like I’m going to lose my balance but there’s a fuzziness
 Vision “fuzziness” – long distance focusing is difficult
 Eyes feel lazy like I want to stare
 Fatigued – Been getting rest but feel more tired than normal.  Can’t sleep some nights though.  Workouts – less intensity and endurance.  Swimming – entire body felt fatigued.
 Dull headache (top right of head), tension headache entire back of head
 Neck / Upper back is tight - base of neck is tight.  Tightness in right trap muscle and upper mid back on right side
 Good appetite, no nausea, no fever, no “sick feeling”, no  weight loss, no dizziness, no balance problems, no familiy history of cancer
 Overall, I just feel “out of it” – memory, concentration problems, fatigue, was stressed about job situation
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by proteinshake, Mar 04, 2009
I for got to note, that I'm 31, male, and in good health otherwise and very actve.  Social drinker, no drugs, etc.
by Gamezilla, Mar 04, 2009
I have been getting similar headaches on the right side of my head. However, I'm not having the forgetfulness and stuff. I was diagnosed with astigmatism 2 days ago, so I'm thinking that's what it could be, but the dull headaches are still with me. However, I'm functioning normally and I have been to the doctor. I had blood work done and everything was normal. I passed the neurological exam and everything, but this constant pesky headache continues to bother me. Oddly enough, it seems to disappear when I sit or lay down. Since you are getting memory problems and fatigue, I would suggest you definitely get it checked out.
by kdkd20, Mar 04, 2009
Please go have an MRI I to was feeling like that and had a meningioma (benign brain tumor) It took them along time to fiqure it out because they would not listen to me. I had to take things into my own hands. There more common in women but men do get them. They can occur anywhere in the brain but mine was in the right frontal lobe ( size of an orange). The headaches got worse as time went on very forgetful, and was not the same person I started to get very sick to my stomach as time went on. Just want you to be aware.
Hope you are feeling better
by Punkin22, Mar 04, 2009
This is just a suggestion. I experience most of the symptoms you have but mine has been going on for 2yrs now. I was dignosed with pseudotumor cerebri. You might want to suggest on getting a lumbar puncture to your doctor. Hope everything works out!:)
by lizardlegs, Mar 19, 2010
Hi ps I have had almost identical symptoms for many years but getting worse now (esp fatigue) also tested for low testoterone but doctor didnt think the level i had would cause this. Also i have tight muscles all over body. Like you have after the first soccer training of the season. Having a sleep test soon. All other bloods / tests ok. Maybe i should pursue testosterone levels. I am 43 and feel 103.
by omoto, Apr 19, 2010
My mother complains of headache throughout on the right side of her head. It have persisted for around one month. Test performed reveals nothing. What could be her problem. please help.