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HELP - Temporary episode today consisting of a loss of motor control / involuntary muscular twitching?

I am a 22 year old, otherwise healthy male. I had a very strange episode today lasting about 5 hours with a loss of motor control and twitching muscles. It started with my neck twitching and causing my head to twitch in several different directions. It then seemed to affect my whole body more generally, with my back involuntarily straightening and slouching and most worryingly, impaired movement when I attempted to walk. Although I could put one foot in front of the other it was as though both legs had been 'put to sleep' with jerky, sloppy movement when I attempted to place one foot in front of the other, almost as though I was limping in both legs simultaneously. There seemed little I could do to overcome this loss of control when attempting to walk more normally. I still feel tense and uneasy. I should also mention I have been rather anxious today due to an unrelated cause, although I have not any pre-existing anxiety disorders diagnosed.

I have taken a number of different supplements and medications today, all of which I have taken in the past with no problems - but perhaps never all the same time. Perhaps someone could suggest a contraindication between them? Any other suggestions would be welcome also.


Supplements/medications were as follows:

Omega 3 Fish Oil 2000mg
St John's Wort 680mg
Glucosamine/Chondrotine 1000mg
Multivitamin 1000mg

Finasteride 1mg
Piracetam 1.5g
Choline Citrate 1g
Caffeine 150mg
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Quit taking the St. John's Wort and the Choline Citrate, both have possible side effects of muscular problems.  However, I doubt they caused your seizure, which is what I think you had.  The reason I think it's neurological is because the nerve pathways conduct electricity, and yours misfired and thus caused your muscles to quit working on demand.  It is not out of the realm of possibilites that you are possibly developing some form of epilepsy type seizures, which there are many types, and you do not want to have these because if allowed to happen again and again, they can damage your brain and nervous system.  Therefore, I do believe you should of course visit a neurologist at your earliest chance, so he can decide what kind of seizure you had, why you had it, and perhaps give you a good medicine to keep those things under control, and he'll want a followup visit to adjust any meds.  

Also, if you have another experience like that before your appointment with the neuro, have someone take you on down to the ER and let them see it, they'll want to do an EEG to see what your brain waves look like (they'll probably be all over the place), and they'll probably give you IV fluids and a shot to settle you down.  But still plan to see the neuro doc even if you wind up in the ER.  The ER is set up to basically get you back to normal and hopefully stay that way long enough for you to see an outside physician.  

I might add that if you are into weight training, that's all fine and good, but make SURE you rehydrate yourself properly, and while some juices, gatorade, and drink mixes help that along, there is nothing better than ordinary water.  See, if you get dehydrated, you can also have muscle problems.  And the thing about dehydration is, some people don't realize they are, and they assume if they drink some water that'll do it, but it takes a LOT of water to reestablish what the body needs following strenuous exercise, particularly during this season of high summer temps.
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