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HELP!!! Weird random sleep shaking and cant breathe ;(
So I'm super tired and am trying to fall asleep and out of nowhere, my body like freezes up, starts shaking, and I feel and hear like these super fast, electrical zapping/shocking, vibrating sensation going through my head. I also feel a surge go up and down my spinal cord and I'm unable to move or breathe for like 5-10 seconds. I try to open my eyes or move and its super hard to, like I'm paralyzed or something. I finally manage to force myself out of this state and I'm gasping for breath and my heart is racing! I am totally conscious during this entire experience, but almost at a point of actually being asleep. Like about to go into REM or something.

I'm totally scared to go to sleep now because I don't know how serious this is, or if there is a chance that I might now wake up because I can't breathe during this. Has anyone else ever experienced this??? What's happening???

PLEASE help me figure this out.

This used to happen to me alot in high school and at the beginning of college, whenever we had a late start day at school and I would come home and try to fall back to sleep after being awake for like 3-4 hours. It hasn't happened in about 5 years now, mostly because I hardly ever take naps, but now that I'm on spring break I have started taking naps again. I just assumed it was sleep paralysis when I was younger but now, today has been the worst level of this state that I have ever experienced. Worse than it has ever been in the past. Like I'm having a seizure in my sleep!

p.s. I was recently prescribed Levofloxacin 500mg, and Hydrocodone 5mg for a cough and for the flu. I took both of them today and they made me super drowsy, so naturally, I went to take a nap and THIS happened. Now I'm scared and don't know what to do =(

help please? ...anyone?

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