Head pressure, bloodshot eyes,
by zoomistic, Jun 11, 2008
hello, i am 25
i have for about a year been having head problems, that come and go but effect me every day, i get pressure like pain on one side of my head and at the same time will get a pressure behind my eye feeling that leads to that eye being sensitive to light and also pain in the back of neck under skull, these pains effect my sleep and force me to sleep on one side of my head and i often wake up still feeling nautious and some light swelling remains, these head problems have made it difficult for me to excercise since i get very lightheaded even doing light movement like fast walking, i was once diagnosed with cluster headaches but i took their epidrin medication and all it did was make symptoms worst and i never agreed my pain was up to par with cluster headaches. i notice at the peak of my headaches sometimes i will feel a acne like bump literally form on top of my scalp and i can touch it and feel like it has pressure coming from inside my scull these bumps come and go throughout the week and i know are not acne due to how they form quickly and dissapear without being "poppable", also my eyes have been bloodshot constantly for a couple weeks now and my vision is sensitive and i see streakers alot.
help please
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by PaulMD, Jun 11, 2008
Hi there.

These symptoms of cluster like headaches and blood shot eyes along with visual symptoms should raise the possibility of having an eye condition called glaucoma.  This is characterized by increased pressure inside the eyes and the pain can radiate to the head in a cluster similar to what you are experiencing.  

Another cause can be migraine with auras, and this can be treated with standard treatments for migraines.

I suggest you have this evaluated by your doctor, and possibly be referred to a neurologist or ophthalmologist.  For now, have adequate rest and sleep.

Take care and God bless.