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Headache/pain inside brain skull
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Headache/pain inside brain skull

I have severe headaches.   But one- two years ago the nature of headaches changed and they became more severe and I started feeling pressure in eyes.   The pain usually is in left side of head at temples, but at times in right side too.   when the pain is there I feel imense pressure on nerves, and they a ticking like a time bomb and feels like they will burst.   when I touch that area, it feels more pain.   The pain shifts from place to place and sometimes on back of skull.  If I touch the nerves, pressure (swelling) can be felt by hand.   Also, I feel very restless, brain feels blocked.   Eyes, become shorter.   I feel numness in head at the points of pain.  The headaches are 24 hours less or more.   rarely it is that headache is not there.  I do all things in headache.  I have severe concentration problem due to this.   I foget due to not being able to concentrate.  I have bouts of depression too.  If I cry the nerve in head streches more and pressurised and pain in head increases.  Actually, i am not able to describe all and properly.  But I feel something terribly wrong inside the head/brain and in general about my health.  I have become disabled due to these terrible headaches.  Pain last for many days ..  

I want to talk to some doctor who can help.   Is it possible to chat.  as I cannot decribe all symptoms in mesage here. My condition is  getting too worse.

Also where in delhi can I get some free treatment and advice as I cannot afford treatment.
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Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

Generally, any throbbing headache needs to be evaluated for migraine, cluster & tension headache. One sided headache that is throbbing in nature with dizziness/nausea symptoms could be suggestive of migraine. The mainstay of the migraine treatment is always to identify the triggering factors and to avoid them. Triggering factors could be different foods such as cheese, chocolate, alcohol and even few fruits. Other factors that may induce your migraine attack may be contraceptive pills, stress or depression, bright lights, loud noise and traveling. Few females experience headache more commonly during the time of their menstrual periods & at the time of hormonal imbalance. I would suggest careful record of events that have proceeded with the attack and avoid those factors. In addition, try to rest in a dark & quiet room, meditate, have a balanced diet and avoid taking unnecessary drugs. Even then if you suffer continuous headache, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the further underlying disorders here that may be the main reasons of your migraine attacks and can provide you an appropriate treatment here. Hope this information proves helpful to you.
Take Care & Regards!!!

My headaches have become very severe and disbiliating.  It feels now they are not normal headaches/migraine headaches only, as the pain spreads to eyes, skull /brain and feels too much pressure inside head/brain/skull and eyes specially left side one.  There is rarely anytime in last one year or more when I did not have a headache.   I have headache 24 hours a day little less or more or severe.  In such condition I am doing day to day things.   Many times the headache is moving type, meaning start from left temples, then moves to right temples or back of skull or somewhere...   But it is always not so.   Also, with any kind of pressure even if slight physical or mental, the headache becomes worst.   Now the condition is even when I am eating food, I feel pressure in eyes and head and pain.  Also nerves feels clicking like a time bomb and feel like they will burst.  Many times the feeling is that something is sticking and unsticking inside the brain when it happens I can feel that sound.   Nowadays, if I touch the areas in head /skull where I am feeling internal pain it feels pain on the surface too..  

Two days ago,  I was having headache.  While watering plants in house garden, I slipped and fell.  But physically only the lower part of my body hit the ground and I felt some pain for sometime.  However when I fell, suddenly I felt some jerk inside the brain and the pain which was already there in the left temples of head extended suddenly to more lower side also till just above the ear.
when I touch that area in the side of head above the ear I feel pain on the surface also.  In general also, it often feels immense pressure inside and feels like the head /brain is getting jammed/blocked.  If I touch the areas in head where are I have pain , like the left and right temples, now below the left temple just abouve the ear, I can feel nerves pressing/presurriing and clicking clearly just like a time bomb.  I just cannot understand what's happending inside, why it is happening so..    and what to do.. as the pains is unbearable and debilitating..   Ofcourse there are many more other symptoms also that the body has been clearly giving like I feel general weekness all the time, fatigue, pain/weekness in calf muscles of legs/hands, breathlessness, my hands and feet gets jammed if kept in one position for sometime, too much concentration problem and so on.  Since I have severe headache even today, now, I am not able to state things clearly and enough including the symptoms.  

Also, I have been in severe depression since last few years(since my father passed), and often have bouts of depression.   I also have high stress  and tension and may be also anxiety. And since my father passed, since then only my headaches started to become more severe and severe with each passing day and since last one year or more the nature/Character of my headaches changed suddenly as I have decribed above.

I urgently need advice.  If possible, I like to discuss over chat so that it can be something like face to face discussion?  My email ID is : m_hachimitsu***@****

Thanks for your response and advice.

with regards.
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