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Headache with dizziness
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Headache with dizziness


I have a query regarding the white matter lesion. I am having headache with dizziness, neck pain, running nose and red palm for the past 3 months. My primary physician ordered for MRI scan of head without contrast.

Head MRI without contrast Results:
Scattered foci of increased T2 signal in the right frontal white matter, best appreciated on the FLAIR sequences. They are probably artifacts.

I was asked to see a neurologist. My neurologist did some physical exam and asked me to take MRI with contrast.

This MRI i did 22 days after the the first MRI.

Head MRI with contrast Results:
Normal MRI of the brain without and with gadolinium.

I am realy scared why different MRI results.

Also, I am very much worried whether it is related to tumor or not.

Could you please tell me is this not related to any major brain disease?

Since I had neck pain with or without headache, I took MRI of Cervial Spine.

MRI results of Cervicel Spine - Multilevel degenerative disc disease and right-sideduncovertebral join osteoarthropathy at C4-C5,whoch leads to, mild to moderate right-sided foraminal narrowing.

My neuroligist said, I dont have any issue in brain. The headache is coz, of cerical spine pblm which is blocking the supply of blood to brain.

I am totally confused and still worried about whether it is related to brain.

I am very much worried. Please clarify me.
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Avatar m tn
Hi there.

Your first MRI said that the intense signals are probably just artifacts.  This can be due to some movement while doing the MRI procedure itself.  The normal second MRI is now reassuring as it tells us that there is nothing wrong with the brain.  If there is a brain tumor, it would have shown in the contrast studies.  The neck pains can indeed be due to the disc disease and I agree with your neurologist that the brain may not be the culprit.  Too much worrying and anxiety can also increase the pains and discomfort as these could increase one's perception of pain.  I suggest that you take this calmly and just keep a close contact with your doctors to report anything unusual.

Regards and God bless.
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