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Hearing problem -- Nerve
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Hearing problem -- Nerve

My son is having listening problem. He is 1 year old. He also faces delay development.

On bera test it shows that he is profound.

But now when we go for brain MRI with cochlea, the reports are as following.

Subtle signal changes are seen in the deep periventricular white matter bilaterally which are hyper intense on T2Wimages and FLAIR images and isointense on T1w sequences. These show no enhancement on the post contrast study. The possibility of these being secondary to demyelination cannot be entirely excluded. Clinical correlation is advised.
There is no midline shift.
The sella, pituitary gland and cavernous sinuses are normal.
The vestibulo-cochear nerve complexes are normal.

Please guide us for the treatment.
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Welcome to the site and to the community. You have come to a place where people are very supportive and have a lot of information.
Please never give out personal contact information on your question posts. I would like to point out that
as the information on your left says, this is only my personal advice and you should always consult a doctor with problems first. Also, while it is
understandable to want information or advice about medication/s you should never alter or stop without speaking to the prescribing doctor first.
The advice I give is from personal knowledge and or experience, this does not mean I am a health professional or that my advice should be
taken over a health professionals. If I am not able to help, rest assured there will probably be more people to help.

I hope the best  for you and your son.
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